LBRY is Making Major Waves in Decentralized Content

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • LBRY is a upcoming blockchain platform focused on censorship-resistant content
  • No 3rd parties can remove any content you upload to LBRY, meaning you can carry on living in a world with free speech
  • LBRY already has a huge community of content creators and viewers, making it the perfect time to ditch centralized platforms and become a beacon of decentralization

In a world where freedom of speech doesn’t exist and content is rampantly removed by massive companies, the need for a solid decentralized content platform. YouTube has proved time, time and time again that it enjoys using its ban hammer rather liberally, something that’s not great for freedom of speech.

In the past couple of months, YouTubers have been banned, had content removed and much more, while ads pertaining to scams still roam free on the platform. In a bid to fight the unfair side of centralized content, has emerged with a game changing platform that has all the qualities we need in life!

True Decentralization and Freedom

If you post a video on YouTube or a post on Facebook about COVID-19, there’s a very high chance that it will be removed in minutes, even if it’s just an opinion. This is the case for a number of genres of content, and crypto YouTubers are suffering too. This is where LBRY really stands out. All your content that you upload is stored on a decentralized blockchain platform, meaning LBRY cannot remove it.

This means you can post anything you want without the fear of a 3rd party coming along and removing it, allowing you to enjoy free speech. In its FAQ section LBRY states that it believes “LBRY to be the most censorship-resistant system to ever exist for the purposes of publishing digital content” – pretty sweet, huh. Just don’t go posting anything illegal because you could still end up in a whole world of trouble with the feds.

How Can I Get Started?

LBRY is super easy to use, and its clean interface makes uploading your hot content easier than ever before. Simply create an account and set up a channel – you can have multiple channels from one account, so you don’t need dozens of separate logins. From there, you can just upload your video or image, give it a title and explain about it in the description then you’re good to go.

You can stake more LBC on your content to get it more exposure if you wish. You can earn LBC from tips, you can buy it or you can complete challenges to get BC as rewards. There’s no algorithm that ranks you based on your followers, it’s all about staking. You can remove your stake from a post at any time and re-stake it elsewhere.

Go Get Started!

All the cool cats and kittens are over on LBRY and you should really join the party. There’s already a ton of amazing content there for you to browse, and you can start earning your own money in the form of LBC by posting your very own fresh content – it’s far easier than YouTube!