Is YouTube Behind a Lot of Crypto Scams on the Platform?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Ads for crypto scams are roaming free on YouTube, and the company seems to do nothing about it
  • People are theorizing that YouTube is behind the scams or simply cares about the money too much to remove them – just like Facebook
  • It’s impossible to tell whether YouTube is up to something nefarious, but there is potential

If you’ve ever used YouTube to check out popular crypto YouTubers, then chances are you’ve stumbled across at least a dozen adverts for scams. However, YouTube doesn’t actually seem to be doing anything about these adverts, while banning genuine crypto YouTubers at the same time.

So, many people are beginning to wonder, is it possible that YouTube could be behind some of the crypto scams that appear in ads on its site?

Stranger things have happened.

YouTube Culling the Wrong Accounts

Over the past several months, YouTube has been systematically removing videos from popular crypto YouTubers and even going as far as deleting accounts. In the beginning, YouTube reversed the decision on many accounts, but a whole host of YouTubers lost all their work. In the meantime, scammers are still able to run their accounts and continuously post videos and buy adverts that are taking the money of hard-working people.

Conspiracy Theorists Believe It’s True

Ok. YouTube scamming users on its own platform sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, but look at how it plays out. One of the largest companies on the planet can tarnish the reputation of the crypto world with these scam adverts, making people believe crypto is a scam. In the meantime, it can stack the sats that it takes from these victims and create a rather nice balance. It sounds a little crazy, but it’s tough to put anything past these media giants in this day and age. As one Twitter user commented, if you posted an ad saying you’re selling weed, your ad would get taken down almost instantly, but not these scams. Definitely food for thought…

It’s very unlikely that YouTube is actually running these scam adverts, but it does raise a lot of questions when YouTube fails to do anything about them. Perhaps, just like Facebook, YouTube just doesn’t care and is in it for the money. Only time, and a whistleblower, will tell!