Cryptopia Warns Over Scammers Offering to Buy Claims

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  • Cryptopia representatives have cautioned claimants against engaging with third parties offering to purchase their claims
  • Scammers, potentially linked to an individual named Victor Cattermole, are using obtained personal information to persuade claimants into exchanging their claims for obscure digital currency
  • The warning, issued via email, warns claimants against liaising with these individuals


The representatives of the defunct exchange Cryptopia have warned claimants to ignore communications from third parties offering to buy their claim. In an email sent yesterday, Cryptopia warned that scammers may have gotten hold of personal information such as email addresses which they are using to convince claimants to swap their claims for “an obscure digital currency.” They suggest that the information may have been obtained through an individual by the name of Victor Cattermole and that the actions may be being conducted by individuals associated with him.

Ignore Buyout Offers, Claimants Told

Cryptopia went bust in early 2019, since when a group calling itself Cogito has positioned itself as the premiere entity responsible for claimant interests. Cogito has been trying to work with liquidator Grant Thornton to arrange claimant payouts, although it has been frustrating along the way with the actions of the company.

Things seem to have gotten worse, however, with yesterday’s email revealing that personal information has been compromised and claimants are being sent emails advising them to swap their Cryptopia claims for an unknown token:

We understand that third parties have contacted account holders offering to purchase their Cryptopia entitlements in exchange for an obscure digital currency. This agreement requires the assignment or transfer of coins to that third party. 

Cogito confirmed that these emails have nothing to do with themselves or Grant Thornton and should be ignored. They then explained how the details may have been obtained:

In 2020, Victor Cattermole obtained confidential Cryptopia information from the High Court.  He was ordered to delete and return the information. He was held in contempt of court for breaches of Court orders relating to the information and gave undertakings to the Court intended to protect that information. The liquidators believe that third parties related to him or controlled by him are using the confidential information to contact Cryptopia account holders.

Cogito added that it was still hopeful that “most distributable assets will be returned to eligible account holders by the end of the 2024 year,” although the timeframe for distribution will depend on when and what directions the court makes following the directions hearing which took place in November 2023.