John McAfee Calls Dick Eating Claim “Ruse” to Onboard Users

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John McAfee, the enigmatic Bitcoin bull, has rowed back on his pledge to eat his own dick if Bitcoin does not reach $1 million by the end of 2020. McAfee took to Twitter on Sunday to declare that his suggestion was “a ruse to onboard new users”, adding that Bitcoin was the equivalent to the Ford Model T, with many simply glad that the entire sorry episode is over and McAfee’s member will stay where it is.


McAfee’s Dick Gets to Ride Again

McAfee made his famous prediction back in November 2017, four months after saying he would “eat my dick on national television” if Bitcoin didn’t hit $500,000 by July 2020. As Bitcoin headed towards $10,000 he doubled down on his price prediction:

The ’deal’ has been commented on frequently ever since, including by McAfee himself, who in December 2018 seemed to alert to the fact that, with BTC around $3,400 at the time, his prophecy was pretty much doomed and began creating backup plans. His spirits notably perked up in July last year however when he said he was “still positive” about his $1 million by the end of 2020 prediction as Bitcoin luxuriated in an unexpected run to $14,000.

McAfee Just Another Victim of Euphoria

With Bitcoin being back under $8,000 with less than a year to go, McAfee seems to have finally realized that his prediction was wildly optimistic and has pressed the eject button. This has come in the form of a bit of Bitcoin-bashing and a claim that the entire thing was an attempt to “onboard new users”, although it’s not exactly clear what to. Not many were fooled by McAfee’s explanation however, with most calling him out on his euphoria-laden predictions:

However, McAfee showed that some of his predictions are still worth paying attention to: