Jack Dorsey Sports ‘Satoshi’ T-shirt at Superbowl

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  • Block CEO Jack Dorsey has stirred controversy by wearing a ‘Satoshi’ t-shirt at the Superbowl yesterday
  • Dorsey’s company, formerly Square, founded COPA, which is currently engaged in legal action against Craig Wright over the right to use the Satoshi Nakamoto name
  • Wright’s fans criticized Dorsey’s outfit, labeling it “gross” and associating it with “the direction of evil”

Block CEO Jack Dorsey provoked anger amongst supporters of Australian Satoshi Nakamoto pretender Craig Wright by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the name ‘Satoshi’ at yesterday’s Superbowl. Block, under its prior name of Square, was the founder of the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) which is suing Wright in the British courts over Wright’s claim to be Satoshi. A noted Bitcoiner, Dorsey’s homage to its creator has not gone down well with Wright’s supporters, with outlandish claims that his behavior was “gross” and “the direction of evil.”

Nirvana-themed Shirt Gets Thumbs Up From Bitcoiners

Dorsey was spotted sitting alongside Beyonce and Jay-Z at yesterday’s event, with his yellow-on black t-shirt clearly visible:

The style was evocative of the style espoused by 90s grunge legends Nirvana, and Dorsey’s choice generally went down well among Bitcoiners:

Wright Supporters Decry “Evil” Act

Not everyone was pleased, however. Dorsey’s quasi-opponents in court this month, consisting of those who believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi and is fighting for truth and justice against the megalomaniacs of Silicon Valley, found the shirt to be in very poor taste:

The suggestion that those hoping Wright loses the COPA vs. Wright case, which started last week, are automatically supportive of the actions of its members is a claim that has been pedaled ever since the suit was filed in 2021, and it is a shamelessly rich complaint given that Calvin Ayre has been backing Wright’s attempted campaign of Bitcoin destruction since 2015.

Ayre was on the Homeland Security Investigations’ most wanted list in 2013 for operating an illegal gambling business and money laundering and is frequently accused of actions much worse than simply wearing a t-shirt, claims he denies:

The suggestion, therefore, that in wearing a T-shirt featuring the name of Bitcoin’s creator Dorsey is somehow carrying out the actions of the devil, is quite staggering, especially from Ayre. 

COPA vs. Wright continues this week with Wright in the witness box.