Zebpay Opens in the Land Down Under

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Zebpay has decided to take the plunge and open up shop in Australia as it looks to expand around the globe. It broke the news on Twitter by announcing AUD support for all of its customers – and a cool gif with a kangaroo, of course! Zebpay touts itself as a free to use crypto exchange that’s super simple and user friendly. It supports Lightning Network payments and trading of the top five cryptos at the time of writing.

A Good Time to Open in Australia?

Back in March, Huobi Australia was forced to shuts its doors and hand over clients to Huobi Global as it simply wasn’t making enough money from the Australian market. The company blamed crypto winter and the over-saturated Australian crypto markets. There are more than 250 AUSTRAC registered platforms in the country, making it highly competitive. That being said, Zebpay’s ultra-low fee structure and easy to use interface will certainly help it win a lot of client’s hearts.

Scammers on the Prowl

Zebpay customers better get prepared for Aussie scammers as they look to have their best year on record. In 2018 alone, Aussie scammers managed to bag a mouthwatering $4.3 million by targeting newbie crypto users and careless individuals. Zebpay’s top-notch security protocols will help keep its users safe from hacks, but Australians need to watch out for spoofed sites, apps and phishing scams if they want to keep their crypto safe. Fortunately for one Australian man, police managed to recover 100,000 XRP that was stolen by a lady friend who stayed the night.

The Blockchain Capital of the South

Australia is the perfect place to open a new branch of a crypto exchange as it pushed to become the blockchain hub of the south. The government has recently introduced a blockchain roadmap for the country and blockchain technology is being deployed by various top companies and agencies. In August 2018, an Australian bank was the first in the world to launch a bond completely controlled by blockchain technology. This incredible acumen highlights why Australia is a key market for crypto trading apps.

Zebpay is landing in Australia with a bang, giving Aussie customers the chance to scoop up top cryptos quickly, easily and for a bargain price. The Zebpay wallet supports a number of cryptos as well as SegWit transactions, so it’s well worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a new crypto wallet!