Could Ballet Be the Answer for Non-Techy Hodlers?

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When it comes to holding crypto, sometimes it can become very complicated, especially if you’re not very techy. We’ve seen prominent figures in the crypto world get confused and lose their crypto, such as Peter Schiff, so what about your average Joe? Is there a better way to secure and hodl your crypto? Yes, there is!

Get Ready to Meet Ballet

There are so many ways in which you can hodl your crypto, but one of the most basic is with paper wallets. There is no tech to get hacked and it requires very little skills. But adding funds to these paper wallets can get confusing. So, Bobby Lee has created Ballet. A safe and secure paper wallet system that lets you create numerous secure paper wallets that can be topped up and managed from your mobile device. See in real time how much you have in each wallet, add more funds or access the keys you need to spend the crypto – the choice is yours!

A Novel Solution

We’ve seen dozens of paper wallets over the years, and some countries are even using note-based wallets instead of cash – think the Marshall Islands. With Ballet, you have a nifty mobile app to control all of your wallets, keeping you in control. This is a nifty and handy solution that will allow even Peter Schiff to hodl his crypto in style and never worry about forgetting his password again.

However, if you are going to use a paper wallet, make sure you keep it in a safe place and don’t let the dog eat it – it’s not homework. Paper wallets are undoubtedly the future of crypto hodling, so make sure you’re ahead of the curve and check out Ballet!