Inferno Drainer to Shut Down After $70 Million in Thefts

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  • Scam-as-a-service platform Inferno Drainer has announced it will be shutting down operations
  • The crypto wallet drainer has helped malicious actors steal roughly $70 million in 2023
  • The platform is confident that the crypto community will remember it for being “the best drainer”

Crypto wallet draining kit Inferno Drainer has indicated that it will be shutting down having helped scammers steal approximately $70 million in crypto in 2023. Although it didn’t disclose the reason behind its decision, it noted that its infrastructure will remain available to allow its users to easily transition to other services. Inferno Drainer noted that it wishes to be remembered as the best drainer,” a sign it enjoyed terrorizing the web3 world.

One More Effort to Scam You

In a Telegram post, the platform said that “it’s time to move on,” adding that “nothing lasts forever.” Although most of the infrastructure powering the service will continue running, it revealed it will be permanently deactivating its Telegram account.

According to Inferno Drainer, the service is closing “for good” and people who’ll later claim to run it on social media platforms will be those making “one more effort to scam you.”

The platform also noted that it powered its customers’ quest to make money, a comment that may anger the more than 4,800 web3 users who’ve lost over $6 million in NFTs and crypto through Inferno Drainer-powered phishing scams.

Inferno Drainer’s move follows a similar decision by Monkey Drainer, another scam-as-a-service platform that closed its doors earlier this year. Inferno Drainer used to take a 20% commission of its customers’ loot.

Genuine Code for Malicious Gains

Wallet drainers such as Inferno Drainer have been associated with scammers spoofing popular web3-focused websites like Etherscan and Blockworks to steal crypto.

A recent report revealed that these types of services are using blockchain code used by genuine projects like Uniswap to quietly empty victims’ wallets.

Although Inferno Drainer didn’t disclose the reason behind its abrupt shutdown, it may have something to do with dwindling revenue due to the bear market or its fears of stepping on the regulators’ toes as is the case with crypto mixing service Tornado Cash.