Incognito Cryptocurrency Treasure Hunt Offering 1 Prize

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A new cryptocurrency treasure hunt has been launched by Incognito, a privacy-focused exchange
  • ‘Quest’ is offering prizes ranging from VPN hardware to a whole bitcoin
  • Treasure hunters must find QR codes through privacy-focused clues

Incognito, the privacy-focused decentralized exchange and Bitcoin wallet, has set up a cryptocurrency treasure hunt with various prizes, including a whole bitcoin. ‘Quest’ aims to educate cryptocurrency users on the issue of privacy, echoing the ethos of the exchange itself, which claims to ensure almost total privacy.

Cryptocurrency Treasure Hunt to Reward Privacy-conscious Users

The Quest cryptocurrency treasure hunt, which has prizes that range from a whole bitcoin to VPN hardware, comes in the form of a series of chests on the Incognito app. These chests can be opened by finding QR codes spread across the internet, with privacy-related clues provided.

These clues lead to QR codes that are scanned through the app, with the chests opening once the required number of people have solved the clues and scanned the QR code.

The QR codes can be found anywhere on the internet, but Incognito offers a few likely destinations, including social media comments, YouTube video comments and descriptions, and online forum posts and replies.

Incognito the “Truly Anonymous Exchange”

The fun cryptocurrency treasure hunt has been established by Incognito as a reminder that a cryptocurrency user’s online privacy may not be as substantial as they think. Incognito bills itself as a “truly anonymous exchange” using “advanced cryptography” that claims to obscure trading history and transactional activity.

Quest went live last Thursday, with Incognito saying that “clues are being solved faster than we can blink”, meaning treasure hunters are going to have to act quickly if they want to get their hands on the booty.