Have You Met Paymium, The World’s Oldest Crypto Exchange?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Calling yourself the world’s oldest crypto exchange is a pretty bold claim, but one crypto exchange has to have the accolade, right? Well, that exchange is in fact Paymium, and it was founded in May 2010, making it the oldest crypto exchange by nearly 7 months. Since its inception, Paymium hasn’t changed too much, keeping a single trading pair – BTC/EUR. To celebrate this milestone, Paymium has launched a partner crypto exchange dubbed Blockchain.io. Blockchain.io is a much more traditional crypto exchange and packs a range of advanced features and more trading pairs.

Keeping its Legacy While Growing to Market Demands

While Paymium could have simply added new trading pairs, it would detract from its unique history and legacy. Blockchain.io is Paymium’s chance to get creative and add all the trading pairs it wants without impacting its heritage. There are a range of altcoin trading pairs available with ultra-low fees – in fact some of the lowest fees around. Blockchain.io is seeking to build upon Paymium’s heritage as a low-fee platform, and so far, it’s done a great job. Currently you can trade BTC, BAT, BCIO, LTC and BCH with an XRP pair coming very soon.

Competition from Blockchain.com

Everyone in the crypto space has used Blockchain.com at some point, whether it’s as a wallet or a block explorer. Now, Blockchain.com is launching its own crypto exchange dubbed The Pit. The Pit will be ultra-fast and use the latest blockchain technology to ensure trades are filled in record breaking time. The Pit will roll out 26 trading pairs over the next few weeks, giving it a significant edge over Blockchain.io. Additionally, The Pit will have 30 days of free trading to celebrate launch – talk about an epic signup offer.

Trading Crypto Is Easier Than Mailing a Letter

In a bid to make accessing crypto markets as easy as possible, 1,016 Croatian post offices have teamed up with Electrocoin to provide a crypto exchange service. Now, you can walk into any one of the post office branches and either buy or sell a range of cryptos. Initiatives like this are providing crypto exchanges with huge competition, especially from older crypto users.

Paymium might be the world’s oldest crypto exchange, but its younger sister Blockchain.io is now carrying the torch. While it faces some steep competition, its sleek design and rich heritage will help it climb to success over the coming months.