Hal Finney Was the Biggest Bitcoin Bull Ever

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Over the years, people have thrown out wild Bitcoin price predictions, with very high targets and very low targets from some of the biggest names in the digital currency space. One of the most famous predictions comes courtesy of John McAfee, who Tweeted that if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1 million by 2020, he will eat his own dick. As wild as this prediction is, Hal Finney – the earliest Bitcoin adopter – suggested that Bitcoin could reach $10 million someday. Finney’s comments came just one week after the Bitcoin genesis block was mined – how about that for bullish predictions!

Finney Lived and Breathed Bitcoin

While Hal Finney was still alive, he pondered topics such as how to make Bitcoin more anonymous and how to reduce carbon emissions from Bitcoin mining – leading many to believe he could very well be Satoshi Nakamoto, or at least part of the team. On Saturday January 10, 2009, Finney pondered on his blog about the future of Bitcoin. Finney wrote that if Bitcoin becomes successful and the most dominant payment system in use, it would equal the total value of all the wealth in the world – estimated at between $100 and $300 trillion at the time. Finney then added, with 20 million coins, that would leave each Bitcoin worth a staggering $10 million.

Bitcoin is a “Good Bet”

What came next was to be solid advice that many millions of people wish they followed. Finney mused that mining a handful of coins for a few cents worth of computing power seems like a good bet with an even better payout. While Finney gave the odds of this happening as 100,000,000/1, wonder bets with massive odds do come in every now and again. A popular Twitter crypto analyst hinted that Bitcoin will see $1 million by the end of 2025, meaning Hal Finney could very well have dropped the biggest tip of the century.

The Satoshi Debate Rumbles on

As multiple Satoshi Nakamoto candidates are sadly not with us anymore, a handful of imposters are claiming to be the man himself. Craig Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi for numerous years, with the Kleiman estate trying to sue him for half of the original BitcoinsBitcoins that it looks like Wright doesn’t have. This whole furor around Satoshi Nakamoto is dragging the names of fantastic cryptographers like Hal Finney and David Kleiman through the mud.

Hal Finney is a strong contender to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, but it’s his price prediction that will last forever as the most bullish anyone has ever been about Bitcoin. For Finney to propose that Bitcoin could be worth $10 million some day after it had only been live for a week shows a true understanding of the value and importance of Bitcoin.