Great Lakes Science Center Lets Visitors Pay in Crypto

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Great Lakes Science Center has finally added cryptocurrency as a form of payment that visitors to the museum can now use. Visitors will initially be able to pay for their tickets using Bitcoin, this is thanks to the help of the BitPay crypto payment gateway. BitPay instantly converts the crypto into fiat, so the museum doesn’t need to worry about volatility affecting revenue. Given the fact that the museum focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math, it’s only fitting that it accepts cryptocurrencies.

Innovating its Attractions

The Great Lakes Science Center is no stranger to innovation and rocking the boat. Last year the museum launched its app where visitors can play with flames in space and design their own spacecraft using augmented reality. Now users can use the very same application to pay for their entrance into the center using cryptocurrency – pretty neat, right?

BitPay Making Waves

BitPay has been forging partnerships around the globe to become a payment provider. Back in July, BitPay received a coveted BitLicense – meaning it can operate in New York without any restrictions or fears. The BitLicense is seen as the gold standard of regulation in the US, and it most likely a deciding factor when many firms are looking for a crypto payment provider.

Crypto-Friendly States Cropping Up

After the US midterm elections, a number of states have seen swings from neutral to crypto-friendly. Supporters of cryptocurrencies won seats across the country and the blockchain caucus is expected to grow considerably in the coming weeks, as more senators declare their stance.
Cleveland – the state in which the Great Lakes Science Center resides – has been innovating in the crypto and blockchain space for some time. One top accountancy firm has been using Coinbase to accept crypto payments for its services and Blockland Cleveland is a $150 million crypto incubator – so it’s not surprising that the museum was next to accept cryptos.

SEC Keeping a Close Eye on Cryptos

It’s vital that the Great Lakes Science Center is transparent about the revenue it makes with cryptos, as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be watching closely. The SEC has recently expanded the scope of its crypto crackdown, so one wrong move or false declaration from the museum and the SEC could be issuing arrest warrants.
It’s great to see a science center accepting cryptos, it promotes the new technology in a place where technology is valued. While not every guest will opt to pay in crypto, a large number of people are expected to pay in cryptos thanks to its availability. Great Lakes Science Center is breaking new ground by deciding to accept crypto payments – so our hats are off to them!