Ford Files Blockchain-based Key Management Patent

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  • Ford has filed a patent for a blockchain-based key management system to enable temporary sharing of car keys
  • The patent has used blockchain technology to secure keys from unauthorized access with time limits and other restrictions imposed
  • The system could revolutionize the car rental market

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a blockchain-based key management system that would allow car keys to be temporarily shared with others. The patent, officially submitted on December 1, 2022, and published on June 6, 2024, would use the secure and immutable nature of the blockchain to secure the keys from unauthorized access, allowing safe sharing with time limits imposed. The creation is the latest in a number of innovations by the renowned carmaker and shows that an appetite for and understanding of blockchain technology is still present among large companies.

Fordy Using Blockchain

Ford has a longstanding commitment to enhancing vehicle access and security, filing patents for various innovations over the years, including advanced vehicle data protection systems, sophisticated key fobs, and remote keyless entry methods utilizing NFC key cards. Already adept at using blockchain technology for recording transactions and storing information, Ford’s latest patent represents a fusion of these technologies into a groundbreaking key management system for future vehicles.

The proposed system leverages blockchain to manage vehicle access, with the innovation allowing vehicle owners to generate temporary digital keys that could be shared with others. These digital keys could authenticate users and even restrict vehicle functions as necessary. Importantly, once the designated use period expires, the digital key will automatically deactivate.

Data stored within this blockchain-based system would be highly customizable, paving the way for numerous potential applications.

Rental Market Could be Revolutionized

One of the most promising aspects of this technology is its ability to simplify the car rental process, with rental agencies and customers alike using the digital key system could streamline operations and enhance convenience significantly.

If implemented, Ford’s blockchain-based key management system could revolutionize how we interact with vehicles, offering a secure, flexible, and efficient solution for managing vehicle access.