Fireblocks Announces Linkup With Coinbase International Exchange

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  • Fireblocks has expanded its connectivity by adding support for Coinbase International Exchange
  • This integration has enabled perpetual futures and spot trading for institutional and retail clients
  • Customers can link their Coinbase accounts via the Fireblocks Network, enhancing secure management of operations

Crypto custodian Fireblocks has expanded its exchange connectivity by incorporating support for Coinbase International Exchange, offering both perpetual futures and spot trading features for institutional and retail clients in eligible jurisdictions. This integration allows Fireblocks customers to link their Coinbase International Exchange accounts via the Fireblocks Network, ensuring secure management of exchange operations such as withdrawals and deposits through Fireblocks’ governance and policy rules.

Crypto Storage Becomes Easier

Coinbase International Exchange, which launched in May 2023, is a regulated platform aimed at broadening access to crypto derivatives for institutions and professional traders, boasting deep liquidity and a robust trading infrastructure. Fireblocks, meanwhile, is known for its enterprise-grade crypto storage, offering secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets.

It is also unusual in that it offers insurance in case of theft or loss, which is reassuring for customers.

Fireblocks serves a broad range of clients, including exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds, facilitating the secure scaling of digital asset operations through its patented SGX & MPC technology. The company claims to have secured the transfer of over $4 trillion in digital assets since launching in June 2018.

Account Monitoring, Enhanced Security, and More

According to a press release, Fireblocks’ new connectivity with Coinbase International Exchange will offer several key benefits:

  • Governance Controls: Fireblocks’ Policy Engine enables the configuration of user roles, governance policies, and approval workflows to safeguard against unauthorized fund movements from exchange accounts.
  • Secure Operations: Clients can seamlessly manage deposits, withdrawals, and rebalancing across various platforms, including Fireblocks wallets, network counterparties, and whitelisted addresses, mitigating operational risks.
  • Account Monitoring: The Fireblocks Console provides a unified view of all connected accounts, allowing for easy monitoring of assets, balances, and transactions.
  • Enhanced Security: Fireblocks employs Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and secure hardware enclaves to eliminate single points of compromise and protect exchange credentials from threats.

Usman Naeem, CEO of Coinbase International Exchange, emphasized the collaboration’s role in enhancing the trading infrastructure for their global clientele:

As we continue to expand our offerings for institutional and retail clients, this collaboration underscores our commitment to providing a robust and reliable trading infrastructure.

The integration also introduces Network Link, a tool designed to expedite the support for additional exchanges and trading venues on the Fireblocks Network, simplifying the process for third-party providers to integrate and securely transact with their solutions.