Crazy Redditor Thinks Bitcoin Will Hit $21,200 By July 25th

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Here at BitStarz News, we love a good Bitcoin prediction. So much so, we even had a little bet amongst ourselves here in the office earlier this year on the direction of Bitcoin’s price. We’ve seen crazy predictions from some of the biggest names in crypto down to calls for Bitcoin to collapse and hit $0 from the infamous Wolf of Wallstreet. However, one Redditor is clearly not keen for John McAfee to eat his own dick as he believes Bitcoin will reach $21,200 by July 25th.

Words from a Crazy Man or a Wise Trader?

Anyone who has been around in the crypto space since before 2017 will have heard every reason under the sun as to why their prediction is correct and why it will happen. Unfortunately, this ambitious Redditor used the reasoning of “I’ve called every single BTC rally since $3,100” – even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Rainbow-Bright- is the Redditor behind the prediction, and he has taken a lot of flak for it, along with the reasoning behind it. Anyone who knows how to understand market sentiment can see that there is a crazy amount of resistance at $13,800, so Rainbow-Bright- is talking out of his ass.

Not a Great Track Record

Calling every single Bitcoin rally since $3,100 is a pretty bold claim, so we did some digging into his post history. One rather amusing post we found was a wildly incorrect prediction claiming Bitcoin would sink to $5,800. Unfortunately, the markets weren’t in Rainbow-Bright-‘s favor as Bitcoin hit $9,800 and bounced back up to the mid $10,000 range. If this is anything to go by, we could be in for a disappointing breakfast on July 25th.

Ready to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?

As most crypto beginners do, Rainbow-Bright- made the mistake of challenging the people of Reddit to a bet. The more people called him out on his wild prediction, the more he doubled down on his bet with fellow Redditors. Eventually, one Redditor created a bet on BetMoose for people to join in the action. As of press time, Rainbow-Bright- had failed to place a bet backing up his wild prediction.

In a fairytale world, waking up to see Bitcoin at $21,200 on July 25th would be better than Christmas, but sadly we can’t see it happening any time soon. After this wild prediction, Rainbow-Bright- might need to create a new account to avoid receiving more criticism.