Etherscan Now Allows You to Hide Airdropped Nonsense Coins

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Etherscan has added a function to its blockchain explorer that allows users to hide unwanted airdrop tokens from their wallets. The popular Ethereum explorer has taken the decision following the increase in unsolicited airdrops for tokens that are often worth pennies, if that, and clog up the interface. The new Private Token Ignore List will allow users to blacklist up to 20 of these airdropped tokens per address.

Can’t Send, Can’t Burn? Then Hide

Etherscan announced the new feature on their site, stating that: “There has been an increasing number of airdrop tokens that one can find in their addresses on Etherscan. Some of these tokens have values, and some do not.” Most tokens can be sent to a universal ERC20 burn address, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, which does what it says on the tin and burns the useless tokens.

However, Etherscan has noted that some tokens are non-transferable, like Frozen Drop Tokens, and some wallets don’t have ETH that can be used as gas to send them to the burn address. It is for these eventualities that Etherscan has added the Private Token Ignore List option, which renders them as good as gone (from your day to day thoughts, anyway).

Etherscan Now Allows You to Hide Airdropped Nonsense Coins

How to Use the Private Token Ignore List

Users can turn the Private Token Ignore List on by logging into their Etherscan account and adding the unwanted token to their Private Token Ignore List from the user dashboard. The Private Token Ignore List will operate its filter on the site whenever you are signed in, resulting in those being hidden from view and removed from your total holdings value.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Private Token Ignore List cancels out or in any way reverse the transfer however – the tokens are still in your wallet, and will be as long as you don’t touch them, it’s just that they won’t be visible to you any more.

This has both good and bad connotations – you could be onto a winner if one of your hidden coins suddenly moons (if you remember you still have it, that is) but equally if you are ever asked to provide a list of your crypto holdings (let’s say you live in the Ukraine and you’re doing your tax return), then make sure you don’t forget to un-hide your list and add those shitcoins.