The Easiest Ways To Buy Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency for a reason. Skyrocketing in value during 2017, it’s making headlines around the globe. Give how Bitcoin is blowing up, we aren’t surprised to hear that more and more people are looking to get a piece of the cryptocurrency market.
Once you’ve sorted yourself out a Bitcoin wallet. it’ll be time to start buying the cryptocurrency that everyone is talking about. While it might have been a complicated process in the past, buying Bitcoin is as simple as A-B-C in 2018. The following looks at the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin.

Coinbase is the crypto exchange king

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card used to be difficult, but times have changed. Now, you can buy Bitcoin direct with any “plastic” you have at hand. The process of buying Bitcoin through such means can vary slightly between exchanges and brokers, but we will look at Coinbase as an example.
Odds are you’ve heard of Coinbase by now, as it’s easily the biggest crypto exchange in the world. How it’s reached such heights is by allowing people to buy Bitcoin via a credit or debit card in just a few clicks. But, it’s not just that which has seen Coinbase amass on average 100,000 new users per days. Through favorable fees and a novice-friendly app, Coinbase has brought Bitcoin to the masses, allowing anyone to store Bitcoin in a safe and secure environment.
If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with your debit card or credit card, here’s how it can be done at Coinbase:

  1. Register at Coinbase
  2. Connect an active credit card and/or debit card to your account
  3. Verify your account via photo ID and other required documents
  4. Select the “Instant Buy” option
  5. Start buying Bitcoin!

As you can see, buying Bitcoin doesn’t need to be a challenge. Making the process of buying Bitcoin even easier – if it wasn’t simple enough already – you’ll find that Coinbase isn’t the only exchange in town.

Exchanges, brokers, and more

Coinbase is the biggest Bitcoin exchange in the world, with it getting bigger by the day. But, it’s certainly not the only exchange around, as it’s being matched step for step by various other leading crypto exchanges. Coinmama might not be as big as Coinbase, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a premier place to buy Bitcoin. Delivering the highest limits for buying bitcoin with a credit card, Coinmama is the perfect destination for any perspective BitStarz high rollers that want to add large amounts BTC to their wallets.
If all you care about is getting the lowest fees around, GDAX is a name you’ll need to remember. This exchange isn’t just built on simple to execute Bitcoin transactions, but it also makes it possible to buy Bitcoins with a 0% fee. Low fees are the call of the day at CoinJar as well. As the Australian crypto-market continues to grow – we know that plenty of Ozzies bet with Bitcoin at BitStarz – sites like CoinJar are going to be perfect for any BPAY users.
CoinJar is a leading Australian Bitcoin platform and broker, as it lets anyone purchase Bitcoin via BPAY with just a 1% fee. However, many other services with slightly higher fees are also available. Coin Loft, Independent Reserve, and BuyaBitcoin among others can all make it super-easy for anyone to buy Bitcoin.

Looking at the alternatives

Here at BitStarz, we would always recommend buying Bitcoin via a broker or exchange. The reason for this is clear, they tend to be safe, licensed, and have extensive security measures to protect any funds involved in a transaction. However, if you must look beyond the exchanges we’ve listed above, you do have alternative ways in which to buy Bitcoin.
Escrow is one particular road to travel down – if you’re willing to embrace a little extra risk that is. LocalBitcoins provide such a service. Working via a cash deposit, users will buy Bitcoin via a face-to-face meeting, facilitated and secured by LocalBitcoins. This method might be the fastest and most private way to buy Bitcoin, but it must be noted that buying a large amount of BTC through LocalBitcoins can be challenging. Mycelium Local Trader is also able to offer a similar service.

Pop to the ATM

If you ever need proof of just how far Bitcoin has come, just look at number of Bitcoin ATMs that are popping up all over the world. Allowing you to buy Bitcoins with cash, this level of convenience is making Bitcoin buying a breeze. That being said, its convenience does come at a cost, as you can expect every Bitcoin ATM you use to implement a 5% to 10% purchase fee.

Keeping it local

Lastly, if you’re intent on exploring easy yet alternative ways to buy Bitcoin, then why not try #bitcoin-otc. Effectively representing the crypto version of Craigslist or Gumtree, it’s a marketplace for “over the counter” Bitcoin transactions. Look through the ads, find a seller, negotiate a transaction, and you should be well on your way to buying Bitcoin the old-fashioned way.

Top up your Bitcoin wallet today!

We remember the days when you would have to jump through hoops to buy Bitcoin. Thankfully, those days are over. From credit card and debit card transactions to cold, hard cash, you can add to your wallet Bitcoin in a flash through any of the methods we’ve mentioned above.
What are you waiting for? Now you know the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin, top up your wallet, head on over to BitStarz, and enjoy top-level cryptocurrency casino action!