Draftkings to Make NFT Zombies Out of NFL Players

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  • Fantasy sports project DraftKings has inked a partnership with Deadfellaz and the NFL players to create zombified NFTs featuring popular NFL players
  • The NFTs will be in the form of Deadfellaz characters and available on the DraftKings platform
  • Zombified NFL players will go live on October 25th

Fantasy sports project DraftKings has joined hands with NFT platform Deadfellaz and the NFL to create zombified NFT versions of top players in a Halloween special. The zombies will be in the form of Deadfellaz cards and will find their way into DraftKings’ football matches on October 30th.

13 Players Ready to Become Monsters

Among the 13 NFL players chosen to be immortalised as NFT zombies are Mathew Stafford and Alvin Kamara, with buyers able to pick them up from October 25th and put them to task on DraftKings’ Reignmakers Football fiver days later. 

Deadfellaz cards featuring the monsters will stay active until January 8, 2023, when the current NFL season comes to an end. In a statement by the fantasy football project, Draftkings revealed that the zombies will be available in a limited edition that will give access to gated Deadfellaz-themed contests featuring both cash and NFT prizes.

Virtual Fan Engagement on the Increase

DraftKings joined hands with the association in 2021 to spur the creation of the Reignmakers project that encompasses the ongoing NFL season. Speaking to Decrypt, DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish said the platform is open to joining hands with reputable brands in the Web 3.0 space, adding that they liked the idea of zombifying NFTs of the league’s top players.

DraftKings’ partnership with Deadfellaz comes as an addition to Deadfellaz’s rapidly growing list of collaborations, which has already seen sports such as Formula One engage with fans in virtual worlds while football fan tokens have already been around for years.