Dogecoin Creator Creates Script that Blocks XRP Fans

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are plenty within the crypto community that have nothing but hatred for Ripple, largely due to the fact that they believe it’s not a true cryptocurrency. In true keyboard warrior style, these people often lash out at Ripple fans every time they see a Tweet about the payment network. In order to help prevent these flare-ups – and presumably to diminish the Ripple community’s online reach – the founder of Dogecoin has created a script you can run and it will block every Twitter user that is a Ripple fan.

Wiping Out Scammers and Ripple

Jackson Palmer – the creator of Dogecoin – originally created the script in order to help deal with Ethereum scambots over on Twitter. All a user had to do was run the script and it would clear up their feed and block all accounts that share scambot characteristics. Palmer created this Ethereum scambot cleaner after Elon Musk reached out for help. Now the dynamic duo have updated the script to do the exact same thing to Ripple fans. No longer will you have to worry about seeing annoying posts from Ethereum scambots and Ripple fans – pretty neat, right?

A Very Misunderstood Cryptocurrency

Ripple has had a bad run of things since its inception, and haters of the project don’t fully understand the technology behind it – this is why they give it so much abuse. Sure, Ripple isn’t a utility token in the traditional sense that Bitcoin is, as Ripple holds more than 60% of all XRP tokens, but it’s not a security token. The XRP token that has caused so much anger – and even a few lawsuits – is used to provide liquidity in the Ripple payment ecosystem – that’s it. Perhaps Brad Garlinghouse and his army of loyal XRP holders need to back off a bit and start calling XRP a liquidity token. This might ease up the hate against the crypto, and it would more accurately describe what’s being presented.

Abusing the XRP Army is Just Too Tempting

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that this script will go widely unused. The crypto community loves to poke fun at the Ripple community and its announcements. Earlier this year Ripple announced Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker for its Swell Conference, and hilarity ensued. Trolls slammed the announcement by mocking up their own announcement images featuring speakers including Kim Jong Un, Harvey Weinstein, Nicolas Maduro, and Jordan Belfort. You can’t help but laugh and enjoy the abuse XRP gets, it’s just too funny.
If you want to say goodbye to the world of Ripple for good, then you can head on over to GitHub today and download the script. Once you run it, there is no going back – that’s easy anyway – so use it carefully. If you do opt to use Palmer’s script, then you will inevitably miss out on the Ripple shill and fantastic memes, so think long and hard before you block the XRP army for good.