Demand Film Will Pay You Cryptos for Watching Movie Trailers

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Demand Film – an Australian-based independent movie distributor – is now giving viewers the ability to earn crypto for watching movie trailers and promoting screenings. It is even creating its own cryptocurrency called Screencreds, which users of the service will be paid in. The company distributes independent movies that don’t have big budgets – meaning these are the types of movies that often go unnoticed. Demand Film wants to change this and help these independent movies become big hits and make it the mainstream cinemas.
This new service will let filmmakers create buzz around their new films, all the while giving film buffs a chance to make a living promoting these indie hits.

Create Your Own Event

Movie buffs – and filmmakers – can also get paid to set up their own screenings. All they have to do is create an event, spread the word as much as possible and Demand Film will take care of all the logistics of getting the film to the cinema or viewing location. On top of all this, organizers of the events will be paid in Screencreds, which can then be converted into other cryptos or fiat and enjoyed.

Earn By Purchasing Movie Tickets

Crypto fans can now also earn cryptos by simply going to the movies and buying tickets using Revolut’s new metal card. Its new card gives up to 1% cash back in a cryptocurrency of your choice, making it the perfect companion for crypto enthusiasts. When you tot up the final bill after transport, tickets, and snacks, you will have bagged yourself a nice helping of crypto – which could be worth considerably more by the time the movie has ended.

A New Way to Grab Cryptos

Earning your cryptos has to be more satisfying than simply taking out a bank loan like one Reddit user did. He goes by the name of Cryptohomie and he took out a $140k loan to buy cryptos back at their peak during December 2017. Since then, the crypto world has suffered from a series of negative blows, the SEC has declined multiple BTC ETFs, while a spate of crypto exchanges in South Korea have been hacked, which certainly hasn’t helped matters. This has left Cryptohomie nursing 85% losses to date.
Earning cryptos for free is one of the most exciting things about the crypto industry. There are multiple ways you can go about earning cryptos, but watching movie trailers and organizing screenings of indie films has to be one of the most unique ways to do so.