Dan Nathan Slams Bitcoin Doubter Rich Ross

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Fast Money isn’t exactly a CNBC show that’ll be to everyone’s taste, as over the years it’s become more about back and forth comedy than anything else. That being said, every now and then one of these guest interactions carries a little more substance than expected. Counting as one of those moments, Dan Nathan’s latest appearance on the show certainly stirred up a fair bit of controversy. During a debate with Evercore ISI technician and avid Bitcoin doubter Rich Ross, Nathan – current RiskReversal editor – seemingly lost his cool.

Calling out one of Bitcoin’s biggest doubters

It’s safe to say that the mainstream media has been dominated by debates regarding Bitcoin’s successes and supposed failures. Taking over this particular CNBC panel, the exchanges between Ross and Nathan started out innocuous enough, but prior to the close of the Fast Money segment things got rather heated. Ross has consistently maintained – including during his appearance on this show – that Bitcoin resembles a questionable investment. His views have become even more vocal as of late due to the cryptocurrency’s recent price drop. During this time traditional stock investments have seen far better days, with Ross himself highlighting Boeing’s 200% growth since 2016. It appears that this narrow minded view to the cryptocurrency market riled up Nathan, prompting him to react.

Four letter words and then some

Labelling Ross as “glib”, Nathan reminded him that Bitcoin’s annual gains topped 1,000% during 2017, far outstripping any stock option. Ross replied, “You’ve been wrong, so don’t say that I’m glib”, but things certainly didn’t end there. Nathan also felt compelled to defend his own recent investment track record, “You don’t know what I’ve done, you don’t know what my call is, so go piss off, seriously.” It appears that the final “piss off” comment did not appease viewers or censors, even if Nathan was able to shut down Ross’ frail argument in the process.

Controversy equals cash

This is not the first time that Fast Money has hit the headlines, as this CNBC segment isn’t afraid of controversy. Fast Money has previously backed highly disputed crypto Bitcoin Cash in the past, opting to remain extremely bullish on the altcoin. This is in spite of its once well-known allegiance to Bitcoin. During this time Fast Money’s twitter account began to post material that openly criticized Bitcoin, shifting focus towards Bitcoin Cash instead. At one point, Fast Money told followers to simply “deal with” Bitcoin Cash’s rise, something that did not sit well with many. Since then, Fast Money hasn’t returned to posting pro-Bitcoin Cash content.

Scoring a win for the crypto-community!

Fast Money has had a fair helping of confrontational moments, but Dan Nathan slamming Bitcoin critic Rich Ross is certainly up there with the most memorable. Backing Bitcoin’s cause in the face of one of its biggest doubters, Nathan has certainly earned his plaudits among the crypto-community that’s for sure!