Coinbase Unveils Seed-free Crypto Wallet Feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Crypto exchange Coinbase has unveiled new wallet features meant to simplify usage by developers and new users
  • Some of the features eliminate the need to remember a wallet’s seed phrase
  • The new features are part of the Coinbase Wallet SDK

Base network developer Coinbase has announced new additions to its Coinbase Wallet SDK. Among them is a feature that eliminates the need for web3 users to store and remember the long seed phrases needed to secure their assets. The crypto exchange disclosed that the new features are meant to simplify crypto wallet usage consequently bringing more people into the blockchain space, a move that may also reduce the amount of crypto lost due to users forgetting their wallet recovery phrases.

No Seed Phrases Required

The new features are dubbed smart and embedded wallets. According to Coinbase, smart wallets allow for the instant creation of a wallet “within a Dapp using just a passkey […] no seed phrases required.”

Wallets created in this manner enable users to use stored funds in multiple EVM-compatible applications employing the Coinbase Wallet SDK. The feature is already available on Base with Coinbase inviting developers to try it out.

The other feature, embedded wallets, gives web3 developers a chance to create wallets that utilize “familiar email and social login flows.” Explaining their functionalities, Coinbase revealed that they “enable custom user experiences […] within an application.”

According to Coinbase, the two features will help break the barriers to more people joining the blockchain world by simplifying the complexity of the onboarding experiences.

Sending Crypto Via WhatsApp and Telegram

The features showcase the exchange’s continued exploration of the blockchain world. Last year, for example, Coinbase launched an Ethereum layer 2 dubbed Base that has since grown in popularity.

Three months ago, the exchange added functionality to the Coinbase Wallet allowing users to send crypto via WhatsApp and Telegram.

With the addition of the two features, Coinbase continues playing a critical part in the adoption of crypto, NFTs and other blockchain-based assets.