Crypto Miners Using Waste Heat to Build Cricket Farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A group of farmers just outside of Montreal are taking farming and crypto mining to the next level. The group is aiming to farm crickets, which is eco-friendlier than farming beef and using crypto mining to help provide a source of heat for the little critters. Crickets need a warm environment to thrive, and the waste heat from ASIC mining rigs is the perfect heat source for snowy Canada. In what is definitely a very niche market, this group of farmers could be on to something huge that the rest of the farming world might soon be using.

ASIC Mining Rigs Bringing the Heat

In order to keep the crickets nice and toasty, the farmers will be using ASIC mining rigs. As these rigs whir away to complete hashes and compete to earn the next block reward, they generate an enormous amount of heat. This heat is usually evacuated as fast as possible and not re-used, wasting a huge amount of resources. ASIC mining is still profitable on a number of cryptos, and if you can build your ASIC mining farm correctly, it too can be profitable to mine Bitcoin.

Using Low Cost Power

Canada is famous for its abundance of hydroelectric power, and this is the perfect power for crypto miners. Green and renewable energy is ultra-low cost, meaning that crypto mining quickly becomes profitable. Power for the farm will cost a mere US$0.05/KW, meaning crypto mining should be profitable for the farmers is they pick the right cryptos to mine. According to a recent report, 77.6% of all crypto mining electricity comes from renewable sources, making it one of the greenest industries on the planet. If the waste heat can be used in a constructive way, the crypto mining industry will only become more eco-friendly as time goes on.

Crickets Better than Beef… Apparently

In the western world, the thought of eating crickets is likely to disgust. However, all around the globe they are recognized for their high protein content and versatility when it comes to cooking. To farm crickets, it takes around 12 times less fodder, 2000 times less water, and creates 100 times less greenhouse gas emission than the current beef farming industry. On top of this, cricket powder packs around two times as much protein per gram than beef does – making it a better choice of protein source.
While we aren’t advocating swapping out steak for crickets, this innovative idea to farm crickets using the heat from ASIC mining rigs is definitely something to take seriously. The idea has serious potential to generate two forms of revenue – crypto mining and cricket sales – as well as contribute to a better future for the planet. Who knew crypto mining and farming could go hand in hand and thrive so well?