Crypto Markets Slide as Negative Sentiment Returns

Reading Time: 2 minutes

April started out as the best month crypto markets for a long time, but two weeks on and the momentum appears to have all fizzled out. Bitcoin pumped more than $1,000 on the first weekend in April, and while the prices are holding, they simply aren’t going any higher. This weekend saw Bitcoin hover around 1% down, while Litecoin suffered 3% losses, Cardano is close to 4% down, and Nano experienced a 6.5% dip. It’s not been the weekend crypto traders had hoped for, but with a new week beginning, we could see a change of fortune on the cards.

WhiteCoin was the Big Winner

The biggest winner this weekend was a rather unknown altcoin by the name of WhiteCoin. The project focuses on secure payments using a blockchain network, private messaging, and cybersecurity. An announcement that its Whitenode testnet would be going live soon combined with WhiteMine mining in Whitenode helped the token to surge more than 20% over the weekend – a nice little boost to holders. No other cryptocurrency in the top 100 by market cap managed such a performance, so hats off to this lesser known project.

The Cardano Party is Over

Over the past few weeks, Cardano (ADA) had been enjoying waves of green amidst an unsure market, with many saying the momentum will continue. However, just as we called it, the ADA party is over, and the ADA bears are back in town. Over the weekend ADA slid a further 4%, making any bullish buys at $0.09 looking rather silly. It could be some time before ADA picks up momentum and joins the wider crypto rally we have been witnessing in the last few days.

Tezos Riding Along Nicely

It’s not all been doom and gloom this weekend, as Tezos (XTZ) saw a nice little rise. It has largely not been impacted by the Bitcoin bulls that came into town two weeks ago, and has been going on its own adventure for quite some time. Since March, Tezos has gone on a mini bull run of its own – far bigger than any other token out there. Climbing 125% in a little over a month is a massive feat, and it is still pushing hard as we enter the beginning of a new week. The XTZ community is rallying around the token’s ability to stave off wider market influence and rumors of an uncoupling are starting to spread.

It’s not been the best weekend for crypto markets, but it’s a new week and as we know anything is possible. Will the bulls be back in town to help lift crypto markets higher, or will the bears settle in and drag the markets down? Volume and trends are all over the place, so it’s going to be a tough one to call – hold on, the moon is coming!