Tezos and EOS Looking Positive While Litecoin Set to Rise

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin kicked off the week by displaying a legendary golden cross, but the positive sentiment was quickly cut short as the bears came back in force and pushed the price back down below $4,000. As the week rumbled on, Bitcoin once again tested $4,000 and managed to hold it for a significant period of time. There are more and more signs every week pointing to a Bitcoin bull market being on the horizon and there is a good chance MagicPoopCannon’s prediction of $150,000 could be correct.

As we look forward, Tezos and EOS both look set for a positive run and an opportunity to make a good chunk of change. Over in everyone’s favorite Bitcoin fork, Litecoin looks set for a drastic drop followed by a fifth in the series of its higher highs and higher lows pattern.

Tezos Has Found the Bottom

Tezos (XTZ) has been on a rollercoaster ride so far this year, pitching in with some huge green candles, but then a series of bearish sessions bringing the price back down to earth. However, XTZ looks like the bottom has been found and a new support level created around the 12017 sat mark. If it can continue the positive upwards momentum that we have seen – and trade volumes and trends support this theory – we could see it break out and head as high as 14400 sats in the next couple of weeks. Coupling positive sentiment with great technicals, we would set a buy target of 12500 sats before it climbs upwards.

EOS Finding its Feet

Like much of the crypto market, EOS has had a torrid start to the year, with prices all over the place. However, after a nice expanded flat correction and an extended 3rd wave, EOS looks like it has laid the foundations it needs to head upwards to $6.60 in the coming weeks. Rebounding from lows of $1.52 in December 2018, EOS has been steadily climbing upwards to the $3.50 mark. The trade volumes and support levels are there to support another push higher, so prepare for a long swing followed by a quick bearish snap correction. Set up a sell price limit of $5 to take some profits off the table, and leave a little riding higher to around the $6 mark before considering a complete cashout.

Litecoin Preparing for Another Move

Litecoin (LTC) has been criticized in the past few weeks for its huge upswings then massive selloffs resulting in a price drop. However, it’s all part and parcel of the Litecoin trading game and it’s why there are so many avid Litecoin traders. LTC is currently hovering around the $58 mark, but given the current trend of higher highs and higher lows, we are expecting it to fall to around $52 in the coming days. From there support will pick up and drive the price higher and we could see a new higher high of around $67 in a few weeks’ time. It’s hard to argue with the data as this trend has been going on since the turn of the new year.

Time to Stock Up on Crypto

Crypto markets are surging upwards, with a handful of tokens standing out amongst the field. XTZ, EOS and LTC all look set for bumper gains, just make sure you have your price targets set so you don’t miss out on any of the action.