Craig “Punishment of God” Wright Threatens Armageddon

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  • Craig Wright has warned those who refuse to bow to his demands to call BSV Bitcoin will experience “nuclear armageddon”
  • In a series of unhinged posts, Wright called himself the “punishment of God in cryptocurrency”
  • Wright has demanded that several websites take down their Bitcoin whitepapers

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, has labelled himself “the punishment of God in cryptocurrency” as he threatened to take down more copies of the Bitcoin whitepaper. In a series of messages on a private Slack channel that illustrated just how far Wright is pushing the boundaries of his mental stability, he also stated his desire to “burn Cryptocurrency into non existence and have the US government collect the ashes” if Bitcoin developers continue to use the Bitcoin name in their work.

Wright Goes After Square

Wright is known to make grandiose statements that rarely enjoy any factual authenticity, but his narcissism and megalomania have grown to extraordinary lengths in the past few days. Having spent years fighting the crypto community who continue to ignore his demands to accept him as their lord and saviour, Wright has now taken to fighting the internet in order to get his way, threatening the most prominent hosts of the Bitcoin whitepaper (of which FullyCrypto is proudly one) on the basis of copyright infringement.

The latest host to attract his ire is Square, the operator of Cash App which was co-founded by Bitcoin fan and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Square Crypto, the crypto faction of the company, posted the Bitcoin whitepaper to Twitter and also to their website, resulting in Wright’s lawyers firing off what amounts to a cease and desist order, demanding that they take it down. At the time of writing, Square Crypto still has the paper uploaded and it remains on Twitter:

“Nuclear Armageddon” On the Way For Deniers

As well as putting legal pressure on hosts, Wright seems keen to express (some might say embellish) the magnitude of his powers in bringing the cryptocurrency community to heel. Sounding more and more like a combination of Mafia godfather and Marvel comic villain, Wright also claimed over the weekend that he would “personally hunt every dev until they are broke, bankrupt and alone” and warned that he will bring “nuclear armageddon to the industry” if they don’t bow to his demands.

Now if that doesn’t sound like Bitcoin’s shy, reclusive creator Satoshi Nakamoto then we’d like to know what does.