Coinberry Submits Ontario Securities Commission Registration

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  • Coinberry has submitted an application to the Ontario Securities Commission
  • If approved, Coinberry will become the most transparent and credible exchange in Canada
  • Coinberry continues to lead the way in the Canadian crypto exchange market as one of the most exciting and safe platforms

The Canadian crypto scene is blossoming and has been a beacon of hope for the world for a number of years now. As one of the first jurisdictions to really take the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and projects seriously, it means that exchanges that can obtain the necessary regulatory stamps of approval are some of the best around.

Coinberry has been in the mix from the start, and it stands out as one of the premier crypto exchanges in Canada. Taking things to the next level, earlier this week Coinberry announced that it has submitted its application to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

“A Long-Term Investment in Transparency and Credibility”

The OSC holds its applicants and licensees to the very highest standards in terms of financial regulation and requirements. With the knowledge and proof that Coinberry has been given the stamp of approval by the OSC, crypto traders and hodlers using the Coinberry platform will be able to trade and rest with total peace of mind.

In a country where the QuadrigaCX scandal rocked the crypto world, having this added credibility and transparency is vital. Speaking on the matter, Andrei Poliakov, Coinberry CEO, said:

Becoming a registered dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission was a long-term investment in transparency and credibility that benefits both our user base and the entire crypto community in Canada.

Trusted by Municipalities

When it comes to trust, Coinberry stands head and shoulders above the competition. Back in 2019, the municipality of Innisfil teamed up with Coinberry to deploy support for Coinberry Pay. This means that citizens in the municipality can pay their property taxes using Bitcoin. This was a huge step forward for the Canadian crypto climate, and it’s just another amazing reason as to why Coinberry is known all around Canada as one of the best Canadian crypto exchanges.

Time to Wait

Coinberry has done all the hard work, and now all it has to do is sit back and wait. With a Lloyd’s financial institution bond, Coinberry is possibly the first crypto exchange in Canada to be covered against internal theft and fraud, something QuadrigaCX users could have used. It might be a few weeks before we hear any updates on the application given the festive season, but given Coinberry’s reputation and processes, we can’t imagine anything but the green light!