Getting Free Bitcoin is Easier Than You Think!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin has been on an epic moonshot the past couple of months, all kicking off with a $1,000 pump back in April. Bitcoin and all other cryptos have been slowly rising in price, meaning it’s buying cryptos gives you a lot less bang for your buck. That’s why getting your hands on free Bitcoin has never been quite so exciting. We’ve done a lot of digging and we have some great news for you – getting free Bitcoin is now easier than ever before!

Take Part in Epic Promotions

Getting free Bitcoin can be as simple as completing a couple of tasks, and that’s exactly what our sister site BitStarz Casino is doing. To get your hands on 50mBTC, all you have to do is create a BitStarz account – taking the very generous welcome package of €500/5BTC and 200 free spins is totally up to you – and complete a handful of tasks; including following social media accounts and posting a Tweet or two. There are 9 tasks to complete, giving you a total of 9 entries into the draw. 20 lucky participants will win 50mBTC each – currently valued at $564 – so don’t miss out on this opportunity. After all, free Bitcoin is free Bitcoin, right?

Try Faucets

Faucets might be a little 2014, but free Bitcoin faucets are still around and they’re dishing out huge amounts of BTC on a regular basis. Faucets work by showing ads and then distributing a portion of that revenue with you – after all, you did watch the ad. This means Bitcoin faucets can be jam-packed with ads and rather unsightly, but the more ads the more the payout will be. MoonBit is still one of the best free Bitcoin faucet sites around as it pays out large amounts fs satoshis rather frequently. With lots of bonuses on offer, you will have a nice stack of BTC in no time.

If you prefer a little more action while you’re waiting for the claim timer to countdown, BitFun is another great option. There are tons of games you can play while you’re waiting for your next payout. The payouts are rather generous and can even go directly into your Bitcoin wallet – how perfect is that!

If you’re after other free cryptocurrencies, there is a whole range of free crypto sites out there. While some sites might sound a bit too good to be true, they’re well worth exploring. Free Bitcoin in this bull market is like a dream come true, so make sure you take part in the BitStarz Bitcoin giveaway and you check out these free Bitcoin sites!