British Travel Company Teams up with DOVU Blockchain

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A leading British travel company has teamed up with DOVU Blockchain to tokenize rewards and incentives for users of its services. DOVU tracks user’s mobility data and rewards them with DOVU tokens, which can then be traded into different cryptos or redeemed for awesome goods and services. Go-Ahead Plc is one of the largest transport providers in the UK and also operates overseas, meaning you can still rack up the points when you’re on holiday.

A Simple Data Grab

While many firms have been implementing blockchain technology in order to speed up services or secure supply chains, Go-Ahead isn’t looking to follow in their footsteps. Instead, Go-Ahead is rewarding its clients for sharing their travel data, so that it can see how passengers use its network of services – presumably in order to make new acquisitions or cut out unpopular services. DOVU is helping firms get reliable access to data that was previously frowned upon by the general public by offering people fancy crypto tokens instead. If you value your privacy and don’t want another giant corporate machine stalking your every move, it’s probably best not to download Go-Ahead’s new app.

Supply Chain and Blockchain is a Match Made in Heaven

Go-Ahead might not be using blockchain to its full potential, but scores of firms around the world are. Carico Cafe Connoisseur is using blockchain technology to verify the origin and authenticity of its coffee beans, making for a much more refreshing cup of java on your mad rush to work in the morning. If unwinding with a bottle of wine is more your thing – and we can’t blame you after a day of being stalked by Go-Ahead – VeChain has teamed up with a number of top Italian wineries to bring you enhanced information about every single bottle you pick up from the store. As you’re sipping that fine glass of wine, you can scan the QR code and discover the history of the bottle, including how it was grown, bottled, stored, the type of grape used, and even the owner of the vineyard.

Walmart is Already Tracking Lettuces

While Go-Ahead’s services are running woefully behind schedule due to “leaves on the track”, Walmart is speeding up the tracking time of its lettuces. By using a custom built blockchain, Walmart’s entire inventory of lettuce can be traced back to the farm each lettuce was grown on and in which batch it was harvested in. This will allow Walmart to avoid disasters such as a repeat of the 2018 e. coli outbreak. Keeping customers safe and happy is Walmart’s number one goal, and it’s using blockchain to make that happen.
If you don’t want to give away your personal data for a few crypto coins, then we don’t suggest you sign up to Go-Ahead’s new travel tracking app. While the rewards sound cool, odds are they will never offset the cost of your travel ticket and the value of your data is worth so much more. On the other hand, you could get paid simply for riding the bus, train, or tram – make your decision wisely!