Coinbase Announces Apple Pay Integration and Instant Withdrawals

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  • Coinbase has announced integration of Apple Pay, allowing U.S. users to top up using the mobile payment wallet
  • Google Pay support is scheduled for later in the year
  • U.S. users can now withdraw instantly to their bank account up to $100,000 per transaction

Coinbase announced two new features yesterday that make it easier for U.S. users to buy crypto and withdraw their profits. U.S. customers can now buy cryptocurrency on Coinbase through Apple Pay, with support for Google Pay also coming soon, while instant withdrawals of up to $100,000 have also been added. The two upgrades, announced yesterday, make it easier than ever for Coinbase users to buy tokens and make good on their profits, showcasing the benefits of being a properly regulated entity.

Coinbase Adds Apple Pay – Google Pay Coming Soon

Coinbase announced its new features yesterday, stating that users with registered debit cards will now see Apple Pay come up as an option when they make a purchase on the platform. Support for Google Pay is coming “later this fall”, the blog post added. The move follows on from Coinbase’s announcement in June that customers could use the Coinbase debit card within Apple and Google Pay wallets to buy items online and in-store, eradicating the argument that you can’t buy anything in cryptocurrency.

Instant Bank Withdrawals Implemented

Coinbase also announced another upgrade to its services yesterday, with U.S. customers with linked bank accounts now able to benefit from instant payouts with up to $100,000 allowed to be withdrawn per transaction. This is thanks to implementation of Real Time Payments, a payment processing network from Clearing House that lets Coinbase users get their money in seconds rather than days and with much lower fees and no limits on the number of transactions allowed per day.

As well as these two additions, Coinbase also announced that it is expanding its offering worldwide, with plans to add to the 20+ countries it currently serves, cementing its position as one of the top cryptocurrency brands in the world.