Change Drops Instant Card Deposit Fees!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Change is one of the leading mobile app crypto exchanges in Europe
  • Change has decided to waive instant card deposit fees for the rest of the year
  • Taking advantage of the bull market has never been cheaper or more enjoyable

There are a handful of crypto exchange mobile apps vying for supremacy in Europe, and Change is one of the top dogs. With free BTC/EUR trading, Change stands out as one of the cheapest in the Eurozone, making it incredibly popular. With Bitcoin approaching a new all-time high, Change has recognized the need for users to deposit quickly and be able to execute trades as fast as possible.

So, to make life even better for users during this latest bull market, Change has decided that it’s going to drop its instant card deposit fees to 0% – wahoo!

Simply Add Your Card and Deposit

Up until now, there was a 2.5% fee to deposit using your debit or credit card. This fee is in line with other similar crypto exchange apps, and it’s a small price to pay for instant deposits. Some might argue that SEPA bank transfers are also instant, but there can be delays on these transfers when there’s high volumes, unlike the instant card top-ups.

Now, when you deposit using this method, you’ll have more money to spend on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and some of the best stocks from the traditional finance world. Change is really upping its game during this bull market and we’re so excited to see the new features it’s currently working on behind the scenes.

Growth While Others Flounder is one of Change’s biggest rivals, but it has run into a spot of bother lately. Ranging from a tanking token price to random outages of its platform, users have been struggling to use their app. On the other end of the scale, Change has been closely monitoring usage requirements and ramping up its servers to cope with additional traffic, meaning we won’t see Change struggle to cope with anything this bull market can throw at it.

Get it While Stocks Last!

For all of you out there who are super excited about this news, you’re going to want to get a move on. This 0% fee for instant card deposits will only run until December 31, meaning you’ve got just over a month to take full advantage of it. Hopefully by then we’ve seen a new all-time high, made an absolute killing from crypto markets and are getting ready for alt season to kick off!