Celo Considers Polygon for Ethereum Scaling

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Celo blockchain has received a proposal from Polygon to consider it as a viable Ethereum scaling layer tech provider
  • Celo said its “looking forward” to discuss the proposal in detail
  • The blockchain had earlier indicated intentions to use Optimism’s tech stack to power its plans to become an Ethereum layer two platform

Celo blockchain’s journey to move from being a layer-one network to an Ethereum layer-two platform could be powered by Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). This is after Celo said that they’re open to considering a proposal by Polygon to use its zero-knowledge technology in its quest to become a layer-two protocol on the Ethereum network. Although Celo had earlier indicated plans to use Optimism’s OP Stack, it may shift to Polygon’s CDK depending on how Polygon presents its case. 

Maximize Ethereum Advantages

According to Polygon Labs co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s tech will help Celo “maximize the advantages of being an” Ethereum layer two without compromising on its individual qualities and security. 

Nailwal added that Polygon’s CDK will provide Celo with a smooth transition from a layer-one to a layer-two. Other reasons presented by the executive on why Celo should embrace Polygon CDK include the ability to provide low transaction fees, instant cross-chain interactivity and cross-community collaboration.

Celo co-founder Rene Reinsberg commented on Nailwal’s proposal noting that he’s ready, together with the Celo team and community, to discuss the proposal. Optimism creator OP Labs is still confident that Celo will stick to its initial plan to power its layer two ambitions using OP Stack. 

All Working Towards the Same Goal

Optimism’s CEO Karl Floersch however told Coindesk that the decision to choose which tech to use remains with the Celo community, adding that they’re all working to “strengthen the [Ethereum] ecosystem.”

Polygon and Optimism have been competing to become the go-to Ethereum scaling layer and scaling tech provider. Recent platforms that have expressed interest in using Polygon CDK include Canto and Astar networks while Coinbase’s Base settled on Optimism’s OP Stack.

With Celo being a popular network, the team that wins is likely to later outdo the other in revenue.