Cardano Rolls Out Final Phase of Byron in Preparation for Shelly

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Cardano has rolled out the final phase of its Byron development plan via its v1.5 software. The final phase of Byron in v1.5 will see the activation of Cardano’s optimized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, dubbed Ouroboros BFT. Now the Cardano development community has finished focusing on bugs and minor improvements, it will begin work on the Shelly phase, which will see greater changes to the overall stability, interoperability, and governance of the Cardano network.

Upgrading to V1.5

Anyone running an older wallet or Cardano client can upgrade to the new v.15 version of the blockchain network by moving to the v0.13.0 wallet software. However, Cardano has been warning users about the possibilities of scammers taking advantage of this upgrade. Users are urged to upgrade from the official Cardano site and ensure they are verifying the SHA-256 signature on the new wallet before installation. Upgrades like this provide scammers and hackers with a golden opportunity to take advantage of less advanced users by posing as Cardano with a fake wallet.

Three More Development Phases Ahead

As work on the Shelly phase gets underway, Cardano announced the next three phases of development. Each new phase will focus on a new area of improvement, ensuring Cardano is always moving forward and becoming the best blockchain ecosystem around. The next three phases will be dubbed “Goguen,” “Basho,” and “Voltaire.”

Cardano Payment Cards Go Live

Emurgo and Metaps have teamed up in South Korea to launch a new breed of crypto payments. The duo has created a card that holds Cardano in a bid to use it in the country as a method of payment. The cards can be loaded up like any prepaid card and can be used at more than 33,000 stores around the country – for the time being at least. It’s developments like this that are helping Cardano become a popular cryptocurrency, and thanks to its optimizes PoS protocol in v1.5, the network is only getting better.

Network Upgrades Prove Popular

Communities love to see that their blockchain network of choice is planning for the future and upgrading itself. Recently the Tezos project announced a new upgrade and a mega partnership – helping the token rise in value. In the past week Cardano is up more than 16%, a clear indication that the community is liking the new v1.5 upgrade.

V1.5 is now a few days old and Byron is on the way out, but Shelly development is well underway. As the months roll on, Cardano will hard fork to finalize changes and completely shift into the Shelly development phase. The hard fork will likely occur in the next six months or so, but it’s merely a project update rather than a community split like we saw with Bitcoin Cash last year.