Bogdanoff Brothers: We Worked on Bitcoin Source Code

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  • The Bogdanoff twins have claimed that they worked on Bitcoin source code
  • The startling claim is not backed up by any further testimony or evidence
  • The twins also claim they were given physical “ancient Bitcoins” in 2008

The Bogdanoff brothers, French TV personalities and cryptocurrency meme stars, have claimed that they worked on the Bitcoin source code and that they worked with one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s circle. The outlandish claims came via a French TV interview last week in which Igor Bogdanoff revealed the twins’ alleged part in Bitcoin’s creation story, claims that are, naturally, very hard to verify. However, the pair are former mathematicians and physicists, so the story at least has some base merit.

Bogdanoff Twins Allegedly Worked on “Predictive Code”

The Bogdanoff twins, whose plethora of alleged cosmetic surgery has left their facial features grossly enlarged, were appearing on TV show Non Stop People earlier this month when the startling claim was made. Grichka Bogdanoff, the older of the two by 40 minutes, told the show that “Igor and I, as mathematicians, were able to participate in the elaboration of some of the source code, especially the ‘predictive code’.”

Grichka expanded on this a few days later on another show, L’Heure des Pros, where he said that the pair worked with a Japanese scientist, Soïtchiro Shimoda, who was “close to the mythical person or a group of people” called Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Grichka, the Bogdanoff twins often discussed the concept of a digital currency with Shimoda, but declined to offer any details on those discussions.

Physical “Ancient Bitcoins” Awarded in 2008

The pair also say they were given two “ancient Bitcoins” in “physical form” to commemorate Bitcoin’s launch in 2008. The only known existence of physical bitcoins worth the same as the digital version are the Casascius Bitcoins, but these weren’t created until 2011.

Without any evidence to back up their claims, no mention ever being made before regarding any input from them, and the supposed delivery of never before seen physical Bitcoins, it has to be surmised that the Bogdanoff twins are either lying or mistaken about working on the Bitcoin source code. Of course, it would be unusual for an ego to be the foundation of a Bitcoin claim, right Craig?