CoinGeek Conference Mocked for Attendance and Streaming Issues

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  • The recently concluded CoinGeek Conference New York has been mocked for its low attendances and remote viewing issues
  • CoinGeek backer Calvin Ayre splashed out a fortune on hosting the event, including personal appearances by Adrian Grenier and Emily Ratajkowski
  • Images from the event showed largely empty auditoriums while streaming issued plagued the conference

The CoinGeek Conference New York, heralded as being “like a live awards show taping or TV show broadcast”, has been ridiculed for its paltry attendance and streaming issues. The pro-BSV conference, held at New York’s Sheraton Hotel, ran the full celebrity gamut, from Adrian Grenier and Emily Ratajkowski at one end to Craig Wright at the other. The event, which took in presentations, discussion panels, and an NFT auction, may not have recouped its huge outlay however if photos and experiences shared on social media are anything to go by.

CoinGeek Conference Was “Amazing Success”…Apparently

CoinGeek naturally portrayed the Coingeek conference as an “amazing success”, although images shared during Craig Wright’s talk ‘Time is a Personal Experience’ suggest that this review might be stretching the truth somewhat:

After the talk, Wright showed off his Samurai skills which managed to further convince some that he was Satoshi Nakamoto because, you know, the name:

Watch From Home? Nope

Adrian Grenier and Emily Ratajkowski were also in attendance as guest speakers, with Grenier hosting a discussion on how the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining can be reduced and Ratajkowski appearing at the CoinGeek Cocktail Party to discuss NFTs, although her appearance a the conference was overshadowed by leaked excerpts from a forthcoming book involving an allegation about the behaviour of ‘singer’ Robin Thicke.

Others pointed out the ironic connection between the subject of her book and the actions of CoinGeek owner Calvin Ayre:

Those who couldn’t attend the conference in person (perhaps there wasn’t room?) could nevertheless watch online from the comfort of their own homes, at least in theory. In practice however, a litany of technical issues meant that this was not always possible:

The CoinGeek Conference may have had a greater financial backing than the recent Bitcoin Miami conference, but it’s clear that money can’t buy you everything:

For the benefit of any CoinGeek readers, this is an audience. You may not have seen one before.