Bitcoin Success Stories That Will Give You a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Reading Time: 3 minutes

That small portion of humanity that learned of Bitcoin back in the early days are now sat laughing on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves crash on the shore while they eat lobster and sip cocktails. For those few who truly made it, their stories make for a great read.

We’ve done some digging and have found a selection of Bitcoin success stories that will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside to make your day.

From a $100 Investment…

One anonymous Quora user told his marvelous story of how he went from rags to riches thanks to his decision to invest in Bitcoin at a young age. Belonging to a relatively poor family in India, this Bitcoin investor managed to scrimp, save and work until he had earnt $100 worth or Indian Rupees. He originally wanted to invest it in stocks, but his cousin suggested Bitcoin. After doing a bit of research, he decided that Bitcoin was the simpler choice – after all, $100 won’t buy you many stocks.

At the time, Bitcoin was worth around $1, so he managed to buy himself 100 BTC from the dark web. After India took a negative stance towards cryptos, this mystery investor completely forgot all about his Bitcoin. After talking with his cousin in 2017, he soon remembered about his Bitcoin and the small fortune he was sat on. He then sold a large portion of his Bitcoin during December 2017, bagging himself a tidy profit.

Marketing Agency to Comfortable Life

A digital marketing expert who ran his own marketing agency used to use Bitcoin to buy web hosting services – simply because the hosting providers weren’t accepting his fiat currency at the time. In order to do so, he had to buy Bitcoins on the dark web or by using a peer-to-peer (P2P) service, ship them to his wallet and then make transactions. However, after his business ran its course and ceased to exist, he forgot all about his Bitcoin wallets.

At a party a few years later, he was talking to his old friend who he used to run his marketing agency with. The pair were reminiscing about the good old days, when his friend said, “hey, what ever happened to all the Bitcoin we had?” The next day, he decided to dig through all his old documents and hard drive data to try and find anything related to Bitcoin – and there it was. He found the private keys to their Bitcoin wallet that contained 347 Bitcoin.

Gaming PC Dreams

A young gamer had been pressuring his father to buy him a new gaming PC that would let him play the latest games, and his father eventually gave him a budget of $1000. He managed to find all the parts to build his own custom machine within the budget, but when it came to finding a GPU, he was struggling. After doing plenty of research, he discovered that Ethereum mining had made the price of GPUs rather expensive.

Seeing no end to the popularity in Ethereum GPU mining, he decided to ask his dad if he could instead spend the money on Ethereum. After weeks of asking and persuading, is dad finally gave in and let him invest in Ethereum. He managed to buy 9 ETH back when a single ETH cost around $75. Nowadays, that 9 ETH is worth a cool $1,400 – surely he can manage to buy that gaming PC now!

Not all of us were so lucky the first time around, but with more experience and knowledge under our belts, we can be sure to cash in the next time crypto markets head to the moon!