Bitcoin Investor Creates a Libertarian Community in Thailand

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The crypto community as a whole is rather open-minded and libertarian, and this community is often held back by the closed-mindedness of the world we live in. One early Bitcoin investor has decided to sink his crypto wealth into a seasteading community just off the coast of Phuket in international waters – giving him the freedom to do virtually anything he wants. It’s the first Bitcoin-powered community to be built at sea, and it’s receiving interest from libertarians all around the globe.

Venturing Out to Sea on Bitcoin

Chad Elwartowski – an early Bitcoin investor – and his partner Nadia Summergirl are sinking their Bitcoin into building a two-story, 64 square foot octagonal seastead to live in, 12 miles off the Thai coast. Packed with solar panels and a small reverse osmosis system, the pair can generate up to 60 liters of fresh water per hour. Elwartowski continues to work and invest his Bitcoin fortune via the couple’s computer and frequently makes trips back to the mainland to take care of business.

Still Making Transactions

You might think that 12 miles out to sea there would be no internet, but that isn’t stopping the Bitcoin investor from making transactions. Blockstream is now broadcasting the entire Bitcoin blockchain from space using satellites – meaning no matter where you are in the world, you can still transact in Bitcoin. This incredible bit of technology allows Elwartowski and Summergirl to carry on living a relatively normal life.

Crypto Islands are Sinking

Last year, Blue Frontiers decided to reclaim a bit of land in French Polynesia and create a crypto haven. However, due to political tension in the region and the everlasting crypto winter, it was forced to shelve its plans. Sadly, the plans for a crypto island appear to have sunk, but if we see prices of cryptos rise across the board, Blue Frontiers could resurrect its plans and create the crypto haven.

Launching on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

Elwartowski had planned to launch his seastead on the 10th birthday of Bitcoin – an apt launch date for an early Bitcoin investor. However, on the very same day, the country was hit by the worst storm it had seen in over 60 years. This delayed the lunch back around a month while local infrastructure was rebuilt. The seastead has now been floating for just over a month, let’s hope that it can weather storms better than the crypto markets can.

As regulations around the world begin to limit the level of interaction crypto has with our daily lives, more people will begin to seek libertarian lives. Elwartowski is creating a YouTube series of his story on the high seas, so you can stay up to date with his latest adventures!