Bitcoin Baby College Fund Has Over 300 Donations

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The father of 2019’s Bitcoin Baby has revealed that her Bitcoin college fund has received over 350 donations and now contains over 1.1. Peter Bowles announced the birth of Izabella Bowles in The Times newspaper on January 6, 2019, along with a Bitcoin address, to which hundreds have now contributed.

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Bitcoin Outpaces Top Stocks

The Bowles made headlines around the world last year with their unique announcement in the newspaper, which went viral and led to the mass of contributions. Last week, dad Peter took to The Times’ birthdays announcements page to state just how well Izabella’s investment had done:

baby btc

Peter revelled in Bitcoin’s performance since Izabella’s birth, with the virtual currency being up 100% in that time, outpacing the FTSE, Apple, and Tesla, and also reaffirmed his decision to hodl the cryptocurrency until Izabella needs it to fund her further education.

Peter Inspired by “Time Travel Movies”

Peter spoke to Forbes regarding the phenomenon that the Bitcoin Baby has become, stating that, “It’s hard to imagine how Izabella will be using bitcoin when she goes to college and how it will have changed the world but I hope that when she’s 18 colleges might even accept bitcoin for fee payments.” Indeed, Peter may not be too far off with his prediction – a Business Insider journalist found last year that her daughter’s school accepted tuition fees in Bitcoin.

Peter took to Reddit to further discuss the potential benefits and risks of his plan, stating that his reasoning “goes back to a lot of time travel movies” in which characters have “somehow bought shares in Microsoft or Apple in the early days and this funds their crackpot schemes in the future.” He adds that the National Savings Bonds to which many newborns in the UK are subscribed by parents are “a pretty useless investment”, and that Bitcoin, although risky, could do what the likes of social media have done and go “far beyond my initial thoughts”.

We’re all in the same boat, Peter!