Bitcoin Angel Winner Turns It into a DigiAsset on the DGB Chain

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the past few weeks, changeangel has been raffling off The Ecstasy (Bitcoin Angel) artwork. Created by the talented Trevor Jones, this stunning piece of art was donated to changeangel in order to raise money for 3 incredibly important charities. As the raffle drew to a close, each ticket was given a unique number and the next Bitcoin block was used to decide the winner of the raffle. The owner of ticket number 170 – Mike Aldy – is an integral part of the DigiByte community and he has decided to upgrade the Bitcoin Angel by turning it into a DigiAsset.

What is a DigiAsset?

DigiAssets are incredibly awesome blockchain based assets that live on the DigiByte blockchain network. They are similar to ERC-20 tokens as they can be created by anyone on the network and transferred freely to anyone with a DigiByte wallet. For now, there is only one wallet that supports these DigiAssets, but the team are working on increasing this support as you’re reading. DigiAssets can be linked to physical goods – like the Bitcoin Angel – and used to verify their authenticity, or can be used for fun digital assets – like a DigiByte network-based Lambo!

William Shatner is Already Doing This

William Shatner memorabilia can sell for thousands, but sadly there are many forgeries and people even steal these precious artifacts. In a bid to secure the memorabilia industry and store a digital record of each and every item, Shatner has created William Shatner Authentication (WSA). WSA is legally binding, meaning getting insurance for your priceless memorabilia is now significantly easier. This is exactly what DigiAssets are designed to do, and Aldy is looking into creating his own DigiAsset for the Bitcoin Angel – just in case he ever decides to sell it.

Safe Deposit Boxes are a Thing of the Past

Some people who own priceless items simply lock them away in vaults and safe deposit boxes, but these locations are only as secure as the people guarding them. By placing your valuable asset on the DigiByte blockchain as a DigiAsset, you guarantee its safety through immutable blockchain technology, meaning any thief who steals it will have a very tough time unloading it. This in turn will make assets secured on the DigiByte blockchain less of a target for thieves, meaning you can display your priceless artwork and gems at home, enjoying them to the max without fear.

This fantastic piece of artwork is going down in history as one of the first paintings to be turned into a DigiAsset – a feature that only recently launched itself. Congratulations once again to Mike Aldy for winning the Bitcoin Angel and a massive thank you to changeangel for running the raffle and giving more than 2,000 people access to clean and safe water!