Bitcoin: Analyst Predicts $25,000 Price By Year’s End

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A well known crypto author and analyst expects that Bitcoin will finally find its way to $25,000 by the end of the year.

William Mougayar, author of a blockchain business book, says that moreover, Ethereum will hit $1,000, and Ethereum Classic, even, will see a stunning price of $50.

Demand for blockchain tokens will be at an all-time high, if his theory proves correct.

Stranger things have certainly happened. The last run to $20,000 came seemingly out of nowhere, and a run to $25,000 or beyond seems universally expected. What people argue about is when, not if, such a bull movement will take place.

Crypto Twitter: Where Lack of Enthusiasm Is A Crime

In the case of Bitcoin, predicting by the end of 2019 is a roll of the dice. The year has seen a good rebound, but will enough traders be happy with that, or begin dumping? Would a dump lead to an avalanche, or would it create a buy opportunity for more serious holders? We’d have to enter such a paradigm to find out.

Mougayar makes other predictions in the same tweet. People on Twitter, as usual, had mixed reactions to the bold statements.

Let us be clear: bold predictions about Bitcoin are the norm, and being wrong isn’t a disqualifier. In the crypto world, probably the only real disqualification is being insufficiently positive about crypto.

There’s no reason to believe that Bitcoin will never see $25,000.

However, there’s also no reason to suspect that it will regain and pass $20,000 again. The other question is why you would put the gains from $20,000 onward so low, at just $25,000.

From $20,000, we can expect larger leaps forward, as bulls try to push the run for all its worth. If you think you’re getting to $20,000, you may as well say $40,000 and up.

Bitcoin: Where Anything Is Possible

That’s the reality of the situation, at least – once we’ve gotten back to the psychological high ground of previous highs, we can see about how far it’s worth pushing from there. But the reality is that gains like that will be followed by gains like we’ve never seen.

If we use the history of crypto markets as a judge, the point is only driven further home: literally anything is possible.

Things can be derailed, too. A single, key exchange going offline due to a hack, or for any other reason, can put a real damper on a bull run. This is a fundamental, and increasingly less serious, problem.

The problem is unique to crypto because of the experimental and open source nature of the assets in question.

People are constantly probing cryptos for vulnerabilities, and when they’re found, an entire economy can be in jeopardy.

Where Bitcoin will be at the end of the year is largely up to the traders still brave enough to trade the asset.

With increasing government regulation and monitoring of crypto markets, it’s no wonder that prices have seemingly stagnated. Don’t let it fool you, though – it’s still crypto, and anything is still possible.