Are You Missing Out on Free Crypto When Shopping?

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You don’t need to get paid in cryptocurrency in order to save up in crypto. There are numerous fiat cards and accounts out there that let you spend fiat and stack Satoshis. Getting your hands on as much Bitcoin is critical, as thanks to the limited supply it will eventually be worth a fortune. As Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhou Tweeted recently, if you own 1 you will mathematically be in the top 3/1000 richest in the world, in BTC terms.

So, start stacking as many Sats as possible while you’re living your day to day life with these epic cards and extensions.

Get the Lolli Plugin

For online shoppers, the Lolli plugin is a must. Lolli has partnered with hundreds of top brands from the online world, and the extension lets you checkout through its API and earn some Bitcoin cashback in the process. While Lolli only works on its partners website, there are plenty of websites available to help you stack those Sats. Whether you’re booking a weekend break on, ordering your weekly Walmart shop, booking tickets to the Super Bowl on SeatGeek or booking a spa day on Groupon, Lolli will let you collect Bitcoin as a reward.

Collecting Sats Everywhere You Go

Next up we’re looking at Wirex. The Wirex card is the handy debit card that lets you stack Satoshis anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Once you’ve verified your account and completed KYC, you can order your very own Wirex card and enable Wirex Rewards. Once you do this, you can earn a small amount of cashback on every purchase you make from the card – excluding ATM withdrawals. So, whether you’re buying groceries, paying for your kids swimming lessons or replacing that old fridge, you can get a nice amount of Satoshis back.


Unfortunately, Wirex has a bit of a habit of breaking on the weekends, so make sure your card is topped up and ready to take a hammering by Thursday evening just to be on the safe side. Wirex is working on ironing out these issues, but it’s growing faster than it can add staff – a common problem for hot startups.

Growing Your Bitcoin Stash with Coinseed

Coinseed is a US only Sat stacking app – sorry for those of you who live elsewhere. To get going with Coinseed, all you have to do is link your card to the Coinseed app and it will monitor activity and round up the spare change from transactions into one of 16 cryptocurrencies that you choose. If you spend $5.40 in a store on your card, Coinseed will debit a further $0.60 from your card and auto-convert it into crypto. There is a 1% deposit fee and a $1 monthly charge, so if you’re not going to use the linked card often, then it’s probably not worth the time it takes to set up.

Revolutionizing Your Crypto Accounts

Finally, we have Revolut. Revolut is the digital bank that’s taking Europe by storm and it’s now letting users receive up to 1% cashback in crypto. In order to take advantage of the Revolut crypto cashback you will need the Metal plan which will set you back $14.99 a month – quite a hefty fee for a bit of cashback. If you’re going to spend your entire wage through Revolut, then it can work out to be profitable – if you’re getting 1% cashback – but if you’re in Europe getting 0.1% cashback, the gains are not worth the cost. On top of this, you can’t transfer any crypto you earn out of the platform.

Are You Missing Out on Free Crypto When Shopping2

So, no matter how you opt to live life or do your shopping, there are plenty of ways to be earning crypto. It might not make you a Bitcoin millionaire overnight, but when you add up all the Sats you stack in a year, it quickly tallies a small fortune.