ApeFest Attendees Complain of Eye Problems

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  • Attendees of the Hong Kong ApeFest meeting have complained of eye problems after leaving the event
  • Some attributed the discomfort to an inappropriately lit stage
  • Yuga aimed to use the event to reinforce BAYC’s position in the NFT world

Some attendees of the Yuga Labs Hong Kong ApeFest event have reported experiencing severe pains in their eyes after leaving the event. Those who sought medical attention said that the eye problems were “due to the UV” lighting used on the stage. Yuga aimed to use the event to promote Bored Ape NFTs in the real world, a move that’s being adopted by other NFT projects like Pudgy Penguins which has released physical Pudgy Penguins.

May Cause Serious Damage

According to an X (formerly Twitter) user Crypto June, the lamps used to light the stage seemed to be unsafe, adding that this was a rare occurrence since he “goes to festivals often” and has never experienced such discomfort before.

The X user said that his doctor told him that ultraviolet (UV) light can be found inside lasers or “very big lamps.” Although some noted that the effect from the UV lights doesn’t have “long-term damage,” others argued that it may “cause […] serious damage” if you don’t get it checked.

Another X user reported that his eyes “felt dry and painful right after the ApeFest main event,” adding that his vision also got blurry. Another one said they were yet to fully regain their eyesight hours after leaving the event.

Front Row Occupants Most Affected

Most of those who reported eye problems seemed to be those sitting in the front row and close to the light fixtures. 

Available details show that the UV lights may be the ones used to disinfect surfaces, hence not ideal for prolonged exposure to the eyes.

A section of those commenting on the issue has asked Yuga Labs and other entities looking to organize such events to “check basic health parameters” for such events. The incident comes a week after Yuga unveiled printed CryptoPunk NFTs

Although Yuga has yet to comment on the incident, it’s likely they didn’t intentionally hurt the attendees.