Yuga Labs Allows CryptoPunk NFT Holders to Buy Physical Versions

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  • Yuga Labs has partnered with Avante Art to offer CryptoPunk NFT holders printed copies of their holdings
  • The offer will be available for two days starting October 26
  • The event will feature an option allowing individuals to own a printed copy of a CryptoPunk even if they don’t own a virtual Punk

Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs has partnered with online store Avante Art to allow CryptoPunk NFT holders to possess printed copies of their possessions. Marked to run for two days starting October 26, the event will feature two segments, with one allowing even non-CryptoPunk holders to own a printed Punk. The move follows a similar attempt by Cool Cats NFT creators to establish a link to the physical world by participating in this year’s Macey’s Thanksgiving Parade, adding to an increasing appetite by traditional and web3 firms to link the two worlds.

NFT Printed Only Once

According to an announcement on X (formerly Twitter), CryptoPunk holders wishing to print their holders will need to verify ownership of their Punks by connecting their wallets. Dubbed ‘Punk-On-Chain’ on the online store, “each NFT can only be printed once” for roughly 0.39 ETH.

Those who don’t own a Punk or just want to have a printed copy of a different Punk than they have in their collection will be allowed to choose among 10,000 printed CryptoPunk copies “accessible to all […] in perfect grid formation.”

Printed CryptoPunks can be ordered either with or without a frame, with framed options costing more than the unframed ones. The difference between printed Punks in either of the two categories is the type of paint used, but both contain a Yuga Labs logo for authenticity. 

QR Codes for Certificate of Authenticity

There’s also a difference in the accompanying QR codes. For the Punks-On-Chain copies, the code is included on the back of the prints and points to an on-chain Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) while the other copies come with a physical CoA that contains the QR code.

Yuga Labs isn’t the first web3 firm to take their virtual creations to the physical world. Pudgy Penguins creator, for example, also unveiled physical toys featuring figures in the collection.

With more web3 entities using subtle ways to establish a link with the tangible world, it’s to be seen whether such efforts will bring more people to the NFT world.