$250,000 if You Can Crack the GK8 Crypto Wallet

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If you fancy yourself as a hacker then crypto wallet maker GK8 is offering you the chance to put your skills to the test and land a $250,000 payday. Be warned though – it’s not going to be easy, for this wallet is “totally unhackable”.


GK8 Steps it Up a Gear

GK8 offers military grade custodian solutions for housing and managing digital assets, and their first product, named after themselves, has been recently unveiled. The wallet, which looks more like an army laptop, is air-gapped with no connection to the internet and no inward connections, making attack theoretically impossible.

The crypto storage monster features password, biometric, and geolocation security, as well as full redundancy and a private key backup, so you will never do a Peter Schiff and lock yourself out of your own wallet.

Hackers of the World, Unite

GK8 has said that it will put its money where its mouth is and publish the cold wallet address of a GK8 wallet containing up to $125,000 worth of BTC. Should anyone manage to hack into the address show how they did it, they get to keep the BTC, and may also be able to claim a further $125,000 in addition.

The bug-hunt will take place over 24 hours between February 3 and 4, starting at 9:00 a.m. EST, and the group have devised a clever way of proving the wallet is live, according to Shahar Shamai, CTO of GK8:

To prove our wallet is really active and live, from the minute we launch the challenge, every 24 blocks we will send a real-time transaction to the address of the miner that closed the last block. This bounty is the real deal.

Hackers, start your engines!