You Might Have Missed…March 25-March 31

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This week’s ‘You Might Have Missed’ sees CNBC Fast Money setting some bait for their haters, XRP going to $1,000 (no, really), and a convicted fraudster joining the crypto world. Without more ado, let’s grabs paddle and start our journey up s**t creek.

From Jail block to Blockchain for Jeff Skilling

Jeff Skilling, the disgraced former CEO of Enron, who was jailed for fourteen years for his part in the fraud and eventual collapse of the energy giant in 2001, has apparently decided on where to focus his business acumen next…crypto! Yes, not full of fraudsters and charlatans, the crypto world looks like it might be able to add his illustrious name to the list of snake oil salesman and all-round bad eggs that permeate the space and continue to give it a bad name. Wonderful!

Empire of the Sun

Talking of giving crypto a bad name, Justin Sun’s continued assault on common sense and decency in search of Twitter followers plumbed new depths this week when he held a competition, drew the winner, ignored the winner, started the competition again, drew an ungodly amount of flak, and eventually awarded two prizes “gladly”. And these weren’t any old prizes, these were Tesla cars. Not to mention the $20 million dollars he supposedly dished out to 88 people that all came from the same IP address. Ah Justin, what will you think of next?

CNBC Fast Money Gets Grief over Bitcoin Prediction
CNBC Fast Money has a reputation of offering the most counter tradeable positions in crypto. Going back to 2018, their predictions almost uniformly resulted in the exact opposite happening, leading to many actually basing trades upon Fast Money tweets. After a lengthy silence, presumably due to Bitcoin’s lack of excitement, they finally popped their heads above the pulpit to proclaim that Bitcoin “won’t stop” going up. Crypto Twitter reacted immediately, and predictably, with many seeing the pronouncement as representing the end of the mini bull run, although conspiracy theories weren’t far away either:

Other Crypto Twitter highlights this week included Trevon James actually doing something worthwhile, an XRP fan illuminating the token’s path to $1,000 (unironically) and the experience of launching your token on Binance Launchpad:

That’s All Folks!

That’s all for this week’s You Might Have Missed. We’ll see you next week for more of the same nonsense from the weird and wonderful world of crypto! We’ll just leave you with a summing up the crypto world in one simple video…