Wimbledon Favorite Gaël Monfils Reveals Crypto Success

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Gaël Monfils is a global tennis superstar that’s known for his flashy performances on the court, but that’s not the whole story of this flamboyant Frenchman. As Wimbledon heats up – with Monfils still very much in contention for the title – it’s well worth looking at the man behind the racket, as he himself is quite the crypto success story.

Serving an Ace

Forget 50 Cent’s false Bitcoin claims, as Monfils has shown that he’s nothing short of the real deal when it comes to investing. According to reports, he’s earned huge profits via cryptocurrency, as his adventurous spirit on the court has made him huge returns away from it. Monfils says that he’s made “close to 75% profit” investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – “I find it fascinating, it’s futuristic” he said. Once described as the “the most interesting guy in tennis”, with former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray rating him as the best pure athlete in the sport, Monfils has quite the pedigree. What’s evident is that he’s now matching this with a career away from tennis, one that is driven by the emerging cryptocurrency market.

The Perfect Ambassador

Monfils has become such a success story in the cryptocurrency market that he has even caught the eye of eToro – a leading online trading platform. During May 2018 he was made the company’s official global brand ambassador, as the company feels that he has the power to speak to a younger audience and first-time investors. “Gaël is a perfect ambassador for eToro – not only is he passionate about finance and markets, he shows that being an investor and securing your own financial future should not be defined by your background,” said Yoni Assia (eToro CEO).

Feels Like Family

Monfils is slowly becoming the poster boy for cryptocurrency in the sports world. Speaking on the eToro deal, Monfils said, “Ever since I came across eToro through a family member, I was instantly drawn to it because it’s easy to use, has a powerful community and allows me to invest in cryptocurrencies safely.” What’s so impressive about Monfils acumen as a cryptocurrency investor is not just his returns, but his true belief in the market. “I see a long-term future for digital currencies. They are often misunderstood among the wider public, but just like with any other investment, the key is to educate yourself and understand the risk,” he said. Monfils even stands by his investment strategy enough to publish his public investor profile, where people can watch his investments unfold in real time – and even copy them if they so wish.

Match Point Monfils!

Expect to see more of Monfils in the coming months, as he will be fronting eToro’s marketing efforts through a new TV ad campaign on Eurosport. While eToro will be sponsoring Monfils as he plays the biggest upcoming ATP Grand Slam tournaments, including the US Open, Roland Garros, and Wimbledon. We for one will be supporting Monfils as he takes to the court this year – as long as he continues to spread the word of crypto that is!