What’s Going On In Crypto – May 1-6

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What’s going on in the cryptocurrency world next week? No, seriously, do you know? We have no idea. Jokes! Here you go.

Ergogames IDO (May 1)

The week kicks off with an IDO for ErgoGames.io, a project that aims to be an umbrella organization for current and future game releases in the mold of Epic Games, Steam, and Humble Bundle. The project has a number of games already running on the platform with others in development, and hopes that the money raised from the IDO will help take it to the next level.

The IDO takes place today on ErgoDex at 17:00 UTC under the ticker EGIO, with liquidity added to the DEX for Erg/EGIO and SigUSD/EGIO. For more information and to find out how to take part, take your finger or your mouse, hover it over this bit of text here, and push down once until it goes click (the mouse, not your finger – if your finger went click, see a doctor).

Digifinex to List WAGMI Game Token (May 2)

Another blockchain gaming adventure starts this week with WAGMI, a tower defense game launching in beta mode, whose token launches on Digifinex Monday. With a full release set for July 2022, WAGMI’s goal is to disrupt the traditional app store gaming industry and put power into the gamer’s hands through a number of features, including competitive wagering, in-game assets in the form of NFTs, and other play-to-earn mechanisms.

WAGMI’s creators claim that “What was a crypto meme will be known as the battle cry to save mankind”, although if you were in the middle of a battle to save mankind and decided to shout “WAGMI!!” at the top of your voice, even your own side would put a bullet through your brain, and rightly so.

The WAGMI token is a multichain token on the Binance Smart Chain, which is currently available on Pancakeswap and Uniswap. It’s been performing nicely in the past month, and holders will be hoping more volume means a higher price.

AngelBlock NFT Collection (May 4)

For those who like their NFTs a little less overpriced and overhyped, AngelBlock NFTs will be released at 4 PM (UTC) on May 4. AngelBlock is a collection of 6,900 unique and programmatically generated NFTs with “vastly varying traits, attributes, and rarity.” Not much else has been given away as yet, but they are pretty cool looking characters.

AngelBlock NFTs will launch on Ethereum (seriously? It’s 2022), will have a minting price of 0.069 ETH ($200), and users will be allowed to mint up to 10 NFTs. Holders will also be entitled to a bunch of goodies, including full IP ownership, access to events, merch drops, and more. Honestly, if they were a bit cheaper and not on Ethereum they’d be a bargain.

For more info, head over to their bit of the internet.

MIE Network Launches Staking (May 1)

MIE Network will this week allow users to participate in staking on the network and earn up to 240% APY. Users will only be able to join within the staking window, which will open on 1st May and ends on 15 July 2022. So yeah, you’ve got time – grab a drink, smoke a cigar, then do it.

MIE Network aims to unlock access to blockchain technology for the entire world by solving scalability issues in blockchain technology using layer solutions; developing a better UX/UI for mass adoption while having top-notch security and scalability; building an application platform for the dApp developers on MIE; and providing the interoperability of the assets via DEXs. Easy.
MIE also provides individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses access to scalable, secure, and instant multichain transactions using an adapted implementation of a hybrid framework for asset security. And if those buzzwords didn’t kill you then we have plenty more in the back.

Wanna get some of that sweet staking action? Click here to find out more.