What’s Going On In Crypto – March 14-19

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What’s going on in the cryptocurrency next week? Our guide covers the key events taking place in crypto over the coming seven days.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 (March 16-17)

The Crypto Expo Dubai will be held at Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City. The two-day event will feature over 10,000 investors/traders, 100 companies, 60 speakers, and guests from over 30 countries. It will be an exclusive event providing a platform for crypto enthusiasts to meet, interact and share their experiences at an informative and educational conference.

Tickets are still available, which you can pick up from the event’s website.

Blockchain Africa Conference (March 17-18)

The Blockchain Africa Conference is a two-day event hosted in Johannesburg on March 17-18. This virtual conference will feature keynotes and panel discussions with some top blockchain proponents from Africa and beyond, including Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

To attend the Blockchain Africa Conference (from your living room), click here to register.

Verge Halving (March 14)

Verge is just a few days away from its halving which will slash the rewards per block mined. The halving will take place on March 14 when block 5,700,000 is mined. Halvings are typically associated with a price jump, but the fact that Verge undergoes a halving every six months slightly reduces the impact of each one.

You can keep up with the Verge halving countdown here.

Theta Hard Fork (March 14)

The Theta project is experiencing a hard fork on March 14 which will see the release of Theta v3.3.0. This upgrade will lower the Validator Node staking threshold from 2 million to just 200k THETA tokens, allowing far more people to get involved in staking THETA.

The v3.3.0 release will perform at block height 14526120 on 14 March 2022. Binance has already said that it will support the hard fork.