Waves Seeking $120 Million in New Funding Round

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Waves was one of the few cryptocurrencies able to close 2018 on a high, following 172% gains in the space of a week. Thanks to the help of its Vostok project, investors kept piling into the cryptocurrency, and now Waves is seeking $120 million in a new funding round to help bring Vostok over the finish line and distribute it to the global markets. Issuing 100 million VST tokens at $1.20 a piece will bring the project’s total capitalization to a cool $1.2 billion.

Vostok Spreading Like Wildfire

There is no doubt that Vostok is incredibly popular and Waves is helping to promote it to the world. There are rumors that it has already trialed with Sberbank and negotiations are underway with other top projects across Europe, China, and South East Asia. If it manages to get more clients on board and using the Vostok platform, we could see Vostok take the world by storm. Vostok is designed to allow governments and secure IT systems to implement blockchain technology with a clean and simple user interface – aimed at helping major institutions and governments become more efficient.

Waves Mega Pumping on Vostok News

Waves has been enjoying the Vostok ride, pumping to incredible heights off the back of its news. There are rumors that Waves is becoming the first cryptocurrency to decouple from Bitcoin – essentially not moving based on the price swings of Bitcoin. If it manages to pull this incredible feat off, then we could see Waves move to become an industry leader, as well as a great token to hold in your portfolio.

Looking for Big Institutional Investors

Over the last few weeks, huge investors have been dropping cash into blockchain-related projects, and Waves is hoping for the same treatment. Tendermint just secured $9 million in a series A funding round led by Paradigm, while Kakao secured $90 million in funding and is looking for a further $120 million to launch its own blockchain ecosystem called Klatyn. Waves and the Vostok project are hoping for similar big names to drop the cash into their project and pump the tokens higher than ever before.

Vostok looks like it’s going to power its way through 2019 on a high, dragging Waves along with it for the ride. If you’re holding Waves at the moment, there is a good chance you have a huge smile on your face, as 2019 could very well be big.