Tron’s Justin Sun Finally Meets Warren Buffet

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Tron founder Justin Sun finally met with Warren Buffet. The other parties promised to attend, including Charlie Lee, made the exclusive event at a private not-for-profit place in Nebraska.

8 Months Later

According to outside reporting, the meal went smoothly. Justin Sun originally won the charity lunch last June. He added a number of people to his ticket, including Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.

Justin Sun reportedly said:

It was really an honor and I’m grateful for Mr. Buffett’s dinner, wisdom, and vision. I’ll always remember his kindness and support, and will take Mr. Buffett’s advice and guidance to make Tron a better ecosystem, business with all the partners in the blockchain space and beyond.

Justin Sun has gotten involved in a number of charities, including to give $1 million to Greta Thunberg’s efforts.

The Tron blockchain is incredibly popular among online gamblers, who appreciate how quickly it integrates with the various gambling dApps they play. Tron, and EOS and even Ethereum, for that matter, enable people to play online games without making a deposit. They simply hold the money in their browser wallet, and play with it as they go.

Tron remains in demand as a result of the many dApps, a large portion of which are gambling-based, which require it. You can build an app and Tron and issue a token, but you’re still going to require a little TRX for transactions.

“I Feel Sorry For Warren Buffett”

That Sun finally met with the billionaire Buffett at all may come as a surprise to some, who view the crypto CEO as a general huckster. Sun has previously been accused of many things, including faking an illness.

Erstwhile, the Chinese coronavirus is reportedly slowing down the Bitcoin mining industry.

Sun was recently named in a $15 million lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. Needless to say, his antics are the stuff of legend in crypto circles.

Sun tweeted about his “amazing” dinner.

He added that millions of dollars for the meal was a good deal.

Further, he apparently gave Warren Buffett devices with Tron wallets already loaded on them.

Buffett apparently has a Tron address of TFtQ66PeCKB29CKoLGyTYsh3k9oU6tuy7L, which currently has a balance of nearly 2 million TRX. 2 million TRX is roughly $46,000. Buffett also carries a balance of 1.00990826.

Not everyone was impressed.

Feel sorry for the Oracle of Omaha? Nah. But it is interesting that he has more TRX than BTC. You’d think he might do something about that.